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0025110mantisbtauthenticationpublic2019-01-01 07:44
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Summary0025110: Token error when login with a newly created user

When login the first time with a new user, after setting the password, a token expiration error is displayed.

The problem is that the confirmation of account_update.php, after setting password, redirects again to account_update. The intended behaviour is to redirect to index.php.
On examination the page has two redirects:
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="2; URL='http://xxx/index.php'">
which is set by account_update, and the one that should exist and be triggered.
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="2; URL='http://xxx/account_update.php'">
which is set by layout_api, layout_navbar_projects_menu(), and is wrong and the one the browser uses.

so, this is related to the code that checks if the user only has one project, and his default is ALL_PROJECTS

Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a new user
  • Open the new link is a clean browser session without any previous session, cookies, etc. Use a clean private/temporary session.
  • After setting the user password, the error is displayed
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related to 0007956 closedcproensa Disable project selection for users with only one project 
related to 0009826 closeddregad Single project user should default to the project, not All Projects 




2018-12-26 18:49

developer   ~0061106


Do you know why reloading the page is needed there?
Isn't it enough to change current project and default on the fly?



2018-12-28 11:06

developer   ~0061114

Do you know why reloading the page is needed there?

I might have added it to ensure that the project selector was correctly loaded after changing the current project, but honestly 6 years after the fact, I'm not really sure so your guess is as good as mine... ;-)

Note: with 2.0, that code moved to layout API layout_navbar_projects_menu(). The current code has an exception not to redirect if the page is manage_proj_create.php, so maybe another exception for your use case is needed here ? It is also possible that the redirect is no longer needed due to other changes in Mantis Core; and if it is maybe the same objective could be achieved with less intrusive logic than a page reload.

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