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0024810mantisbtmarkdownpublic2021-04-22 04:32
Reporterc_schmitz Assigned To 
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Product Version2.17.1 
Summary0024810: Markdown links/code always show HTML entities for Ampersand and Less-than sign

When activating Markdown in the Formatterplugin
it is not possible anymore to set links:

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related to 0024240 closeddregad XML in Markdown Code ist not rendered correct 
related to 0024628 assigneddregad Double quotes " and lesser than sign < are shown as HTML entity within Markdown code blocks 
has duplicate 0025405 closeddregad Links on summary, notes, and Details converted to other chars 
has duplicate 0026616 closedatrol URLs are translated to HTML when Markdown is enabled 




2018-09-26 09:13

reporter   ~0060697

As you can see the link contains & amp ; instead if the &.

Same if I replace the ampersand by the related HTML entity;test3=4

which should be the correct way according to Markdown specs.



2019-05-23 04:51

reporter   ~0062117

Is there any chance of getting this fixed in the foreseeable future?



2019-05-28 04:30

developer   ~0062148

@c_schmitz this is quite complicated and I unfortunately do not have the enough spare time to spend on this.

You can have a look if the problem is addressed by work-in-progress PR but I'm not sure it is because IIRC I was stuck with fixing URLs when I stopped working on that.



2020-08-17 05:17

reporter   ~0064266

there is alternative markdown plugin now:



2020-08-17 06:04

developer   ~0064267

Last edited: 2020-08-18 07:46

@nenadalm, thanks for proposing a plugin.

It relies on the PHP League's CommonMark library, which I actually considered switching to as an alternative to Parsedown, but unfortunately it requires PHP 7.2.5 and MantisBT still has a minimum of 5.5.0 (note that is planned to change, see 0025956) so we can't use it at the moment.

You should therefore advertise that the plugin has higher requirements than Core MantisBT.



2021-04-22 04:30

reporter   ~0065419

Last edited: 2021-04-22 04:32

I have a related issue: Markdown code blocks show HTML entities instead of the characters. For example:

This should be a less-than sign: &lt;
And a double quote: &quot;

As you can see, instead of displaying the characters it shows the HTML entity, which makes code blocks mostly unusable.