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0024605mantisbtplug-inspublic2018-07-22 07:11
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Summary0024605: Automatically create tickets when creating a new project

Hello everyone,

im new here, and think this is a really good software to manage tasks inside a company.
Is there any way to automatically create several tickets when creating a new project?
Would be very nice if there was an extension for this, it would save me a lot of time.

Thank you in advance.

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2018-07-12 09:59

developer   ~0060255

I am not sure if understand right what you want, maybe there is no need for a plugin.

You could create some kind of template project with tickets in it.
After creating a new project, copy the tickets from the template project to the new project using the Copy function of the View Issues page.



2018-07-12 10:08

reporter   ~0060256

Thank you for your reply,
in my Company, there will a lot of projects going on. Of course it wouldnt take much time to copy the tickets, but it would be even nicer if that could be done automatically :D.



2018-07-12 10:57

developer   ~0060257

I don't know a plugin for it, at least I didn't find one after having a quick look at and

Such a plugin would have to use event EVENT_MANAGE_PROJECT_CREATE to create the tickets.

To write a hardcoded plugin that fits just your needs (all projects are very similar) should be no big deal.
To write a plugin that is able to deal with any possible Mantis project configuration (e.g. different categories, status values, custom fields, ...) is another story.

I don't see this is a feature that should be part of the Mantis core, as this is no typical use case and there is some core functionality to get it with a few clicks.


This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to develop a Mantis plugin). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).

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