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0023708Plugin - EmailReportingGeneralpublic2017-12-08 20:37
ReporterSchaefT Assigned ToSL-Gundam  
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Product Version0.10.0 
Summary0023708: change the status of existing ticket fails

Again a high commendation to this plugin!!!
After solving the problem with 0023624, maybe there is a solution for the current situation.

After creating a new ticket via EmaiReporting by a reporters email
(which is an outstanding and highly appreciated feature),
this ticket needs feedback.
The developer changes the status to feedback, and the reporter is informed by email.

The reporter replies to the requested feedback from the developer
and the (email) information submitted by the reporter is added as note to the original Ticket.
(up to this point everything is running like it should).

After studying the documentation, the status of this ticket should change to whatever the workflow
in MantisBT defines.
(i.e. new, or in progress)

This unfortunaletly won´t happen.
The ticket remains the status feedback and will not change.

If the reporter logs in with his credentials the status switches from (i.e.) feedback to new
as soon as his note is being added to this ticket.

Are there any known issues with MantisBT 2.8 or 2.9?
Any help is pretty welcome.

Additional Information

running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
fresh and clean install of MantisBT 2.8/2.9

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related to 0023712 closedvboctor mantisbt auth_get_current_user_id can return strings while that is not expected 




2017-12-08 13:34

manager   ~0058358

I think found the cause. Created an issue 0023712 for this with MantisBT because i cannot oversee possible other complications

I will also apply a quickfix in EmailReporting



2017-12-08 13:45

manager   ~0058359

Here is the quickfix



2017-12-08 17:04

reporter   ~0058363

Your quickfix solved the problem.
Tested with MantiBT 2.8 and 2.9

Thank you so much.

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