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0023492mantisbtemailpublic2017-10-28 11:20
Reporternexor Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0023492: Due to condition race email may be sent to reporter where it should not

The check:


exclude users who don't have at least viewer access to the bug,

    # or who can't see bugnotes if the last update included a bugnote
    if( !access_has_bug_level( config_get( 'view_bug_threshold', null, $t_id, $t_bug->project_id ), $p_bug_id, $t_id )
     || ( $t_bugnote_id !== 0 &&
            $t_bug_date == $t_bugnote_date && !access_has_bugnote_level( config_get( 'view_bug_threshold', null, $t_id, $t_bug->project_id ), $t_bugnote_id, $t_id ) )
    ) {
        log_event( LOG_EMAIL_RECIPIENT, 'Issue = #%d, drop @U%d (access level)', $p_bug_id, $t_id );


Will fail if this is not true:
$t_bug_date == $t_bugnote_date

Timestamps are kept with the second's accuracy - the above check will fail if the second will "jump" between updating timestamp of note vs bug.
This does happen in the production environment - and the result is pretty serious: randomly an email is sent to a reporter when it should not (e.g. when the note is private).

Steps To Reproduce

Very hard to reproduce manually as it will happen randomly.

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duplicate of 0022898 closeddregad Email for a new private bugnote was send to a non authorized reporter 


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