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0023142mantisbttimelinepublic2020-01-06 11:53
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Summary0023142: Add option to show summary of issues instead of ID in timeline

It was hard for our team to know which issue was updated by just reading the issue IDs in timeline. We needed to mouse over each ID to see the summary and recognized the issue. I have added an option to change the IDs in timeline to summary of issues.

Currently work on PR:

Additional Information
  1. A default parameter "$p_long_link = false" is added to function string_get_bug_view_link().
    If "$p_long_link = true", return the link as "id: summary".
  2. A new configuration $g_timeline_show_issue_summary is added. In order to change timeline display the summary in issue links.
    If this it is set to true. "id: summary" will shown in timeline.
  3. A configuration value "g_timeline_issue_summary_length" is used to truncate long summary.
    But this may change to be automatic controlled by CSS for a better layout.
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related to 0021614 new Add project name to issues showed in timeline 


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