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0023126mantisbtcustomizationpublic2017-07-27 18:15
Reportergswan Assigned Toatrol  
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PlatformLinux x86_64OSCustomOS Version5.08.0-1
Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023126: Logo customisation failed to change the logo to the new image

Setting $g_logo_image in config_inc.php did not overwrite the default logo.

Steps To Reproduce

Standard installation on LAMP server (PHP7.1).

Create custom 232x80px logo PNG image.
Add logo image to images/ directory as a new file (ownership and permissions checked).
Add $g_logo_image line to config/config_inc.php to use this new file.
Refresh page (many times) and logo does not change.

Moved the image file onto the mantis_logo.png file.
Refreshed the page and the new logo appears.
Conclusion is that the default logo filename is not replaced by the filename set in the config_inc.php file.

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2017-07-18 02:45

developer   ~0057251

Add $g_logo_image line to config/config_inc.php to use this new file.

What did you add to config_inc.php ?



2017-07-18 03:30

reporter   ~0057252

The following (copied directly from config_inc.php):
$g_logo_image = 'images/axt-logo-232x80.png';



2017-07-18 03:49

developer   ~0057253

I assume there is more than one config_inc.php on your system and you did not change the right one.
To check it, add the following line to config_inc.php

die ("Hello from my config");

Do you see Hello from my config when refreshing the page?



2017-07-18 04:10

reporter   ~0057254

There should only be one copy on the system.

I added the die('message'); to the end of config_inc.php and refreshed the page. The 'message' appears instead of the page.



2017-07-18 04:11

reporter   ~0057255

In addition to this, mantisbt-2.5.1 is installed on two separate systems and both exhibit the same behaviour.



2017-07-18 04:45

developer   ~0057256

I assume we are talking about different things.
The image referenced by $g_logo_image is the one you see on top of the login page.
In older versions of Mantis, this one got also displayed on top of all other pages.

Maybe you are talking about the logo at the right bottom of the pages.
This one is not affected by changing $g_logo_image as it is part of the MantisBT branding.



2017-07-18 08:01

reporter   ~0057258

Yep. Nailed it.
You are absolutely right. I was looking at the wrong image.

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