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0022392mantisbtfilterspublic2017-04-01 00:13
ReporterViish Assigned Tocproensa  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.1.0 
Target Version2.2.3Fixed in Version2.2.3 
Summary0022392: Sorting all bugs list using a column header after applying a filter resets the filter

When I go to the all bugs list view, I filter them using either a previously saved filter or by chossing among the options at the top of the page, filter is applied.
Then I want to sort the filtered results by summary (for example, every column does this), I click on the summary column header, the page refreshes and ALL the results are now sorted by summary, even those who shouldn't be there because of the filter.
If I re-apply the filter, I have the result I want.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Go to view_all_bug_page.php page ;
  • Apply a filter ;
  • Sort the filtered results using any column header ;
  • The results are no longer filtered but are correctly sorted.
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related to 0022555 closedcproensa Regression in custom field sorting 




2017-02-16 14:45

developer   ~0055705

I am not able to reproduce the issue using the given information.
I assume this one 0008204 is what you mean . Right?



2017-02-17 07:51

reporter   ~0055717

I tried a few things and it turns out the problem only happens when I use a custom field as filter.
In our Mantis, we have a custom field named customer_projects we set to yes, and a filter that only displays issues that belongs to a customer project (custom field customer_project set to Yes).
After applying this filter, if I sort the results using the columns headers, the filter is no longer set.
If I filter using one of the native filter fields (like Assigned to), I don't have the problem.



2017-02-21 04:21

reporter   ~0055729

Did you manage to reproduce it ?



2017-02-21 12:40

reporter   ~0055731

If this may be any consolation for you, I at least see exactlty the same.

As soon as Custom Field is set to filter anything in Filters, then do Apply Filter, then click on any column heading in the resulting list this Custom Field will reset itself to [any].

It must be a bug.



2017-03-09 11:14

reporter   ~0056021

I can confirm this bug.
It seems that the filter settings for custom fields of $t_filter, in filter_api.php#filter_gpc_get(), are not copied to $t_filter_input.



2017-03-21 18:55

developer   ~0056148



It seems that the filter settings for custom fields of $t_filter, in filter_api.php#filter_gpc_get(), are not copied to $t_filter_input.

Thanks! that was the problem

Related Changesets

MantisBT: master-2.2 a55495f7

2017-03-21 18:43:52


Committer: vboctor Details Diff
Fix filter_gpc_get custom fields filter properties

Fix issue where filter_gpc_get() parses custom fields properties and
overwrites existing ones in the input filter with empty when those
properties are not present as gpc parameters.
This function, when called with an existing filter, should overwrite
only those properties thare are present as request parameters.

Fixes: 0022392
Affected Issues
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File

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