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0022262mantisbtattachmentspublic2017-02-07 17:26
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Summary0022262: Including more than two attachments to a note

Is it going to be possible to have more than two attachments on a note? I find if I attach 3 screen shots that only two are embedded as links and the other becomes a standalone note.

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duplicate of 0021733 closedvboctor Attachments should be linkable to notes in db 




2017-01-26 19:06

reporter   ~0055354

Isn't it already implemented? For example, 3 attaches:



2017-01-27 01:59

developer   ~0055361

Attachments are not linked to notes, see 0021733.
They are shown inline with notes, based on the time they were created.
That's why you see this behavior, see 0021727.
Default time is 3 seconds, and can be changed by setting
$g_issue_activity_note_attachments_seconds_threshold = 3;



2017-01-27 03:35

reporter   ~0055364

But that is not very logical IMHO.

If I "include" some attachments when writing a note I expect those attachments to be "included".

I have no control over how a user will write their own note, and / or when in that process they will add attachments. Everyone has different abilities and speeds. And they could be using any kind of device that can slow things down. So setting a time limit is not efficient IMHO.

My proposal to make this more efficient:

  • Default all attachments to a note as "inline"
  • Allow the user to set if each attachment should be inline or not (to give them flexibility)
  • Present isolated attachments AFTER the note, not before
  • Potentially allow them to specify the order of the isolated attachments (if more than one)

Attachments are part of a discussion and it is logical that they are contained with the note that refers to them. For the reasons stated I really don't feel it is sensible to use a time delay to decide if attachments should be inline or not.

Thank you for considering.



2017-01-27 03:52

developer   ~0055366

But that is not very logical IMHO.

That's why there is the mentioned 0021733.

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