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0022141mantisbtuipublic2018-02-06 08:50
Reportersneuf Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.0.0 
Summary0022141: UI Internet Explorer 11 issue if custom_strings_inc.php is used

UI shows Header section is shown to big in Internet Explorer 11 if custom_strings_inc.php is used (even if there is no custom string defined in it), so you can't use MantisBT, because most content is hided. See attached PNGs.

Steps To Reproduce

If custom_strings_inc.php exists in config Folder, the issue exists. If custom_strings_inc.php is deleted, the issue is gone. In Internet Explorer 9 compatibility mode or Chrome the issue is not seen.

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has duplicate 0022139 closeddregad UI issue in Internet Explorer 11 if custom_strings_inc.php is used 
related to 0022143 closeddregad Encoding of custom files not documented 
related to 0022144 new Check content of configuration files 
related to 0023936 closedatrol UI issue in Internet Explorer 11 




2017-01-09 06:22


mantisbt_chrome.png (47,136 bytes)   
mantisbt_chrome.png (47,136 bytes)   
mantisbt_ie.png (48,731 bytes)   
mantisbt_ie.png (48,731 bytes)   


2017-01-09 06:35

developer   ~0054983

Check the encoding of your custom_strings_inc.php.
I assume it is UTF-8 with BOM.
I must be UTF-8 without BOM.



2017-01-09 09:07

reporter   ~0054992

Thank you! This did the trick. But I didn't find anything about this in the MantisBT documentation. It should be added there in the section "Customizing MantisBT".



2017-01-09 09:55

developer   ~0054993

Opened 0022143 to track the documentation issue.

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