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0021801mantisbtuipublic2019-03-16 20:21
ReporterChris_Z Assigned Tocproensa  
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Product Version2.0.0-beta.3 
Summary0021801: File attachment GUI allows larger files than permitted

When reporting issue, the user is allowed to select files exceeding the permitted size limit.

When submitting such issue the error is generated and the issue is saved but without attachment.

I think it would be better to warn user much earlier in this workflow: during the file selection.

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related to 0025464 closedcproensa Enforce max-filesize in dropzone to alert and drop big files before form submission 
related to 0003759 confirmed Duplicate bug is created when resubmitting after file upload failure 
related to 0022588 closedcproensa Oversize upload is now skipped with no Message prompted 




2016-10-15 15:30


Snapshot-2016-10-15-212124.png (26,480 bytes)   
Snapshot-2016-10-15-212124.png (26,480 bytes)   


2017-03-24 13:23

reporter   ~0056187

There is more to it, it is also an effective way to mute the notification logic.

Just recently one of our Mantis users tried to log an issue with an attachment lager than allowed by the limit set in $g_max_file_size.
He was greeted with an error page asking him to hit Back-key and try again.

He followed the advice and tried again this time putting attachment in the note.
He was once more greeted with an error page asking him to hit Back-key and try again.

Only at third attempt, this time without the attachment, he succeeded.

Not once during first two attempts the issue creation logic generated a notification to those concerned.
If the user gave up after the first two attempts, two (duplicate) issues were created and none of notifications.

In other words: the easiest way to circumvent the notification logic is to create an issue with a huge attachment.
The issue is saved (albeit without attachment) and the notification about issue creation event is effectively muted.

This shouldn't be entirely on the user's discretion I presume?



2019-03-05 16:47

developer   ~0061635

Resolving, as implemented in related issue: 0025464



2019-03-10 06:24

reporter   ~0061655


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