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0021675mantisbtuipublic2020-08-24 03:26
ReporterChris_Z Assigned Tosyncguru  
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Product Version2.0.0-beta.2 
Summary0021675: Incorrect positioning of "View Issue Details" when recalled from "Direct link to note"

When clicking on 'Direct link to note' the "View Issue Details" does not account for Menu Bar (upper part of the Note is obscured). See the attached screenshot.

Steps To Reproduce

Click on 'Direct link to note'.



has duplicate 0022040 closedatrol Anchor links put content under navbar 
has duplicate 0026115 closedatrol Floating dark grey header obscures comments when visiting direct comment link 
related to 0022346 new Highlight the linked-to issue 
related to 0027160 resolvedatrol Wrong page position after bugnote add/edit 




2016-09-08 06:44


Snapshot-2016-09-08-123006.png (32,173 bytes)   
Snapshot-2016-09-08-123006.png (32,173 bytes)   


2016-09-08 06:55

reporter   ~0053980

Sorry for the spam. Tried to post the bug report AND tag it with "modern-ui".
Got "Access Denied". This must be a bug, because I could select the tag!

So I retried twice more without knowing that it went through anyway.



2016-09-08 13:22

developer   ~0053981

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This must be a bug, because I could select the tag!

I created 0021679 to track this issue.



2019-09-06 02:59

developer   ~0062736

@syncguru having the navbar overflow the page contents seems to be the normal behavior of ACE.

Any idea if and how this could be addressed ? This is beyond my CSS skills.



2019-09-06 14:04

developer   ~0062747

Interesting. I never tried to link directly to the comment. Will look into it and see if I can figure out a fix.



2020-08-24 03:26

developer   ~0064289

@syncguru, did you get a chance to look into this issue ?

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