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0020102mantisbtuipublic2018-06-29 03:15
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Product Version2.0.0-beta.2 
Target Version2.0.0-beta.3Fixed in Version2.0.0-beta.3 
Summary0020102: Support switching saved filters and free text search when filter box is collapsed

I have few suggestions on filters box in modern UI. These are all in the image I'm attaching, but here I add them too:

  • In 1.2.x UI we have full-text search box, which can be used without expanding ugly (it has way too much options so regular users are scared of it) filters box. People tend to have filters box closed all the time, so having most useful part - search box - visible on collapsed filters box is great idea. I suggest to have it (functionality-wise) exactly same way as we have in 1.2.x.

  • Basically same comment about buttons on the right side. Drop-box with saved filters and the rest are useful and can be used without expanding filters box. In Modern UI you have in this prominent location 'advanced filters' and 'make permalink', both of which are one of the lest used functionalities.

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Show text search bar when the filter is collapsed

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