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0019540mantisbtfilterspublic2020-03-03 04:15
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Product Version1.2.17 
Summary0019540: Filter "Assigned To:" doesn't show all usernames when "All Projects" is selected

This is a duplicate of 0010130 - I cannot reopen it.

The problem is still there for me in 1.2.17. See "Steps To Reproduce".

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a Project and its SubProject
  2. Assign some user to the SubProject as a developer
  3. Create new issue in SubProject and edit it for that user to be a Reporter, Handler ("Assigned To:" field) and let him monitor the issue.
  4. Go to View Issues page when "All Projects" is selected.
  5. None of the filters "Reported", "Monitored by" or "Assigned to" shows that user.
  6. The same behavior when you select "Project" in the Projects List.

In my opinion, the correct behavior is to display the user in filters for both cases above.



related to 0010130 closeddregad Filter "Assigned to" does not display usernames when project "All Projects" is selected 
related to 0019645 new Reporter in advanced filters 




2015-03-23 12:29

developer   ~0049285

I did not go into details, but on this tracker (running 1.3.0b2 as of this writing), when 'all projects' is selected I see a full list of developers in the 'assigned to' field. Maybe the problem is only with subprojects.



2015-04-24 05:41

reporter   ~0050620

in 1.2.x, my feeling is that this problem occurs when the reporter or handler lists of users are different depending the project. Meaning also the default role is viewer for "all project".
I can understand that the problem could be considered as 'normal' in simple filter, but in advanced filter, the selected project in the upper right corner should not affect the contain of list of values



2015-10-29 16:14

developer   ~0051756

The problem is that when user is in "All projects",
the filters only account for first level of projects

Subprojects, on level 2 and on, dont show any issues in the filter, eg My View: assigned to me

this is still an issue in 1.3



2015-11-13 12:25

manager   ~0051838

I've seen a similar issue with Reporters when sub-projects are used. The Reporters list in Simple Filters doesn't include some reporters with default access level REPORTER that has access to multiple sub-projects, but no top level projects. I'll try to reproduce on a test instance and see if I can locate the exact repro steps.



2015-11-13 12:51

developer   ~0051839


re-reading my comment, i think i have mixed two issues here, and also its mixed on the related issues.

1) In my-view page, when current project is ALL_PROJECTS, the filtered boxes only show info from 1 level of subprojects.

2) user option lists, in filter fields (on view-all-bug page): assigned to, reported by, note by... are built only with the current project scope.

2b) Some filter related code, uses 'current project' to retrieve info, but sometimes the filtered project may be explicitly different from the 'current' one.

In my PR (668) for fixing the print-user-option-list i extended functionality to process multiple projects. This allows a natural solution to (2). With the hard work already done, there are included the fixes for the filter-by-user issues, and actual project scope.



2016-07-01 08:49

reporter   ~0053495

I have the same problem. I am missing some users in the filter list for all projects. With 300+ projects it is a bit of challange to find the one with wrong permissions. Does anyone have an easy solution for this issue?



2016-10-07 02:21

reporter   ~0054168

When we have sub projects I have the same problem when "All projects" is selected in v 1.3.1. IS there a solution ??? Thx



2020-03-03 04:15

developer   ~0063725

Community-proposed fix, see PR

@cproensa, would you mind reviewing ?

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