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0016954mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2019-09-26 16:41
Reporterbadfiles Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.2.17 
Summary0016954: Date type custom field with a default value set might result in application error on a new bug adding

The issue is conditional

Steps To Reproduce

Set a default value to a date type custom filed.
Make it shown on a new bug adding.
Do not require it.
Try adding a new bug blanking the date.

You will get the bug added with an empty field (just as desired) and the application error shown.
If you had not set a default value, an empty date field would not cause an error.

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duplicate of 0016952 new When reporting issue receive error on custom field, but issue is still created 
related to 0017354 closedcproensa Non-required custom fields with a minimum length fail to validate 




2014-02-11 15:03

reporter   ~0039376

seems like it's a dupe of 0016952



2014-02-15 07:29

reporter   ~0039411

This is how I've overridden the problem with an empty date field, but the problem is more complex – an error in a custom field does not prevent new bug to be inserted into the database.
Also a reporter is suggested to go back and fix the issue, and if one does so, an identical bug will be added.



2014-07-24 12:45

reporter   ~0040969

Last edited: 2014-07-24 12:47

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Related to 0017354
Custom fields that are not required are still validated (twice)

In file bug_report.php:
Line 165: if( !custom_field_set_value( $t_id, $t_bug_id, gpc_get_custom_field( "customfield$t_id", $t_def['type'], $t_def['default_value'] ), false ) ) {
Modified: if( !custom_field_set_value( $t_id, $t_bug_id, gpc_get_custom_field( "customfield$t_id", $t_def['type'], $t_def['default_value'] ), false ) && ( $t_def['require_report'] ) ) {



2019-09-17 08:15

developer   ~0062849

Closing as duplicate of 0016952 per 0016954:0039376

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