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0015339mantisbtadministrationpublic2013-03-19 03:45
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Summary0015339: When a developer goes on Holiday...

How should a developer handle the situation in Mantis when he/she goes on holiday but it would be important for the company to have at least one colleague who gets all the issue notifications (email) during that time?

For instance I am the responsive for a category and for all issues that are reported with that category I get an email and of course the issue is assigned automatically to me. However when I go on holiday, nobody else will be notified with those issues and my colleagues won't see them as new or unassigned because all of them are already assigned to me.

Two questions:

  • What is the simplest way to let other colleagues to be notified about my own issues temporarily while I'm on holiday (but still get those issues assigned to me)
  • If there is no such a feature in Mantis, can this be a feature request? :)
Additional Information

I imagine an option in the user preferences where I can name a user (or more users) to be notified and a checkbox whether I am on a holiday or not. I that checkbox is checked (on holiday) then a red notification line should appear on the top of every page that I have checked that option and do not forget about it.

During holiday, listed developers may see the given issues as their own issues, but I am not sure about this.

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duplicate of 0011080 closedcommunity Add a feature to reflect that a user is absent 




2013-01-02 05:21

reporter   ~0034652

Perhaps another option would be nice if the user can not name any colleague who could replace him/her in his/her job to automatically send back a notification to the reporter (as the emails works usually).



2013-01-02 06:03

reporter   ~0034653

One could connect a group mail-address to your account while on holiday.
Alternative could be to write a plugin that allows for adding an email to the issue. This could be done either within the issue or perhaps even better, within your account settings.



2013-01-02 06:34

developer   ~0034656

  • What is the simplest way to let other colleagues to be notified about my own issues temporarily while I'm on holiday (but still get those issues assigned to me)

Temporary change your e-mail address in your account settings



2013-01-02 06:58

reporter   ~0034657

@atrol: Then I won't have those emails waiting in my inbox as well. All this issue is about to have everything the same in mantis during holiday, except that someone else should be notified as well and handle the issue if/when it is necessary.


  • Group mail address would be a huge administration overhead just because of holidays and mantis.
  • issue-specific email is a no-solution, how could know the reporter side if a new email address should be attached to the "just-reported" issue? They even don't have to know that I'm on holiday and also they don't have to know if a particular issue is going to be assigned to a colleague who is on holiday (remember, they just set the category)


2013-01-02 07:07

reporter   ~0034658

Would the "monitor" function not work for this? The developers taking over could monitor the issue for activity, and once they contribute a bug note, they will see all traffic on the issue.

As far as a "vacation alert" goes, this is probably better done in your mail client.



2013-01-02 08:07

reporter   ~0034659

Monitor? But when?


  • I'm on holiday.
  • A reporter uploads an issue
  • I got a mail about that (noone else)
  • ???

How could others get to know about that report? Or should I send a mail to my colleagues before going on holiday with such a message: "Please take a look at all newly reported issues assigned to me till oct. 29, and subscribe to all of them please to monitor them." ?

I think I dont understand this "monitor hint" or it's a no way too. But thanks for the suggestions I appreciate them all.



2013-01-02 08:21

developer   ~0034660

yany, I believe the best way to deal with your requirement would be by setting up a conditional response agent in your e-mail client, i.e. if (sender = Mantis) then foward to XYZ



2013-01-02 08:30

developer   ~0034661

0010207 might also be an option for it.



2013-01-02 09:19

developer   ~0034663

True, but that requires patching Mantis ;)



2013-01-02 09:33

reporter   ~0034665

dregad, yes, unfortunately I can not see other solution too however it could be hard to do it if some dumber web interface is used for emails where there is no option to make filtered forwards. I don't think this is a real solution but if it's only me who see place for this kind of feature then issue can be closed. ;) And thank you for your support.



2013-01-02 10:58

reporter   ~0034666

Last edited: 2013-01-02 10:59

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My intention was that any developer could add a backup to his account.
This person would get informed also as soon as this function would be activated within the My Account settings. So not per issue but general by developer (or mantis user to be precise).



2013-01-02 11:06

reporter   ~0034668

cas, sounds very close to my thoughts in additional information section (sorry if I wasn't so clear :$)



2013-01-02 11:14

reporter   ~0034669

"During holiday, listed developers may see the given issues as their own issues, but I am not sure about this." most likely would mean patching mantis.
Not too difficult as a patch, see no direct option plugin-wise (or am i missing something here?).

Notifying the user that this checkbox is activated and ensuring his/her backup receives the email, can be done by plugin.
Optionally start and end-date (11080) could be provided to automate this backup functionality.



2013-01-02 17:33

developer   ~0034678

yany (in reply to 0015339:0034665)

I don't think this is a real solution

I did not mean to say this was a "real" solution to your issue, just the easiest workaround immediately available

but if it's only me who see place for this kind of feature then issue can be closed.

I'm sure others would be interested in this kind of feature, no reason to close your report.

And thank you for your support.




2013-01-04 06:35

reporter (5,020 bytes)


2013-01-04 06:36

reporter   ~0034698

attached an initial version,please test



2013-01-05 05:16

reporter   ~0034706

updates will be provided via issue 11080



2013-01-06 06:03

developer   ~0034710

Considering that cas is now working on a plugin to implement the requested feature, I'm resolving this as duplicate of 0011080, please follow up there.



2013-01-08 10:18

reporter   ~0034741

Thank you, I follow the events there...

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