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0012276mantisbtplug-inspublic2019-06-28 09:02
Reporteristvanb Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0012276: New Plugin: Email announcements

Email announcement (Eannounce) plugin for Mantis:

Many times admins/have to send out emails for the users of Mantis about new features,new resitricions, downtime notifications etc. So far I was not able to locate a feature in Mantis which is capable to do this.

Copy the Eannounce plugin folder to your <mantis>/plugins folder, log in as a user who can manage the plugins and click install next to the Eannounce plugin name. The plugin is installed now.

Click to the plugin name in the plugin management page, it will redirects you to the config page. There is only one parameter can be configured: the minimum user level to send out emails to the users.

After you have install the Eannounce plugin it will add a new menu item under the MANAGE menu called "Send email messages". Authorised users (see CONFIGURATION) are able to open this page and they can send messages to user groups in Mantis. More than one user group can be selected at the same time. All the users in the given user group(s) will recieve the mail.

Be careful to not flood the users with messages, use this feature when its really neccessary

Additional Information

Download, discuss and get support on



related to 0025847 closedatrol Send emails to all users of a project with a given profile 




2010-08-22 17:06

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2010-08-24 04:56

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2010-08-24 04:57

reporter   ~0026441

A new file is uploaded because the previous one missed the Eannounce folder in the zip. No functional changes in any ways, but from now on you dont have to create the eannounce folder manually, you can just copy the content of the zip file to your plugin folder as is.



2010-11-05 04:17

reporter   ~0027259

If i send mail to Manager of Project A only Administrator gets email.
I think that is not what it should. How can i debug this behavior?



2010-11-05 05:16

reporter   ~0027261

Currently the plugin is not project based, so you can not send a message to the managers or ProjectA. If you select "manager" then it will send a mail to everybody with a GLOBAL manager account. Probably the manager you tried to send an email is a Reporter globally, thats why the mail was not sent to him.

Please note that to make the plugin project based will rise a whole bunch of issues, thats why I kept it simple.

At the same time I was able reproduce the problem with the mail to the Admin. I will try to fix this in the close future.



2010-11-05 05:35

reporter   ~0027262

Yes, you are right. All my users are Reporter. Some users are Manager of a ProjectA and/or ProjectB.
So, im looking for an application or plugin to send email to all my Manager or all my Developer of ProjectXY.
Is it possible that you improve your plugin?



2010-11-05 05:48

reporter   ~0027263

First thing, I spoke too early, and I couldnt reproduce the problem. (but I guess you probably figured out why it works like that in your system)

Developing the plugin to the suggested direction will rise the following problems:

  • the code should crawl thru all the subprojects of the current project and select all the users with the given credentials
  • filter out duplicate email (if somebody lets say a manager on projectA, developer on projectB, and reporter globally)

It would be nice to move forward on this way, however I can not promise anything since I dont have too much PHP experience. I dont say no neither, simply I dont know if will have time to do this.

I recommend to keep the plugin as a mass emailing tool. At the same time feel free to develop / modify it based on your needs.



2010-11-05 10:25

reporter   ~0027265

Thank you for your effort. My skills in PHP are very limited, so i can not help in further development.



2011-11-08 06:03

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2011-11-08 06:08

reporter   ~0030199

Fixed a bug:
eannounce_prep.php redirected to Eannounce_send.php.php instead of eannounce_prep.php

I would like to be able to save a copy of what was sent for either retransmission or modification retransmission as most of my mail shots have a similar format/content.

Playing COD:MW3 at the moment so this mod will have to wait until I finish the campaign mode ;)



2011-11-08 06:52

reporter   ~0030201

Thanks for your update. Unfortunately in my current role I can not deal with mantis at all, so I have completely stopped the development. Feel free to make further changes if applicable.

I have used this tool massively in the past, to report changes in the system, downtimes etc. I am wondering if this could be the part of the main mantis distribution.



2011-11-14 12:08

reporter   ~0030232

I suspect that getting it into the main distribution is unlikely as things are heading towards the newer plugin architecture.
The best you(we) could hope for is to get it included in the MantisBT Plugin archive at:

If you're ok with it, I might take it on and try to move it over there. Here is not really the place for a development.

Incidentally, I found another bug: it sends email to users who are disabled.



2011-11-14 13:59

reporter   ~0030233

Dont misunderstand, I dont want this to be there for personal glory or so, I just miss this feature from Mantis.

I easily can image that the code has certain bugs (like sending emails to disabled users). This is because I have never ever used PHP, but I wanted to have this feature and also to contribute to the community.

Long story short: please handle this plugin by your best judgement:) If it worth it then please submit it to the plugin archive, if its not its still fine.

Its a different topic, but I missed the feature to attach multiple files in one go, so I have attached my code (a year ago) to issue 0005228
I have tested it in our live environment successfully. I am not sure if this feature is added or not to the latest release(s), but it may worth to look at it. As far as I know it works fine.

Thanks and keep up the good work.



2019-06-22 08:01

developer   ~0062290

Thanks to @c2pil the plugin is now available as a GitHub repository see 0025847:0062286



2019-06-22 13:12

reporter   ~0062294

Wow! Its awesome to see that this plugin survived! Thanks @c2pil and @atrol



2019-06-24 10:00

reporter   ~0062310

@atrol I'm ready to host the plugin in Mantis plugins organization, could you send an invite ?



2019-06-24 17:32

developer   ~0062312

could you send an invite ?




2019-06-28 05:32

developer   ~0062335

This plugin is now hosted in the mantisbt-plugins organization on GitHub

Many thanks to @c2pil for creating the repository and taking ownership of the plugin's maintenance.

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