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0011769mantisbtintegrationpublic2012-12-11 17:06
Reportercombr Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0011769: Many cross-definitions of utf8 functions with dokuwiki

Mantis have an integration instruction on

for the

In 1.2.0 mantis has many changes in working with utf-8 strings and add many functions to work with unicode.

BUT! at the same time dokuwiki have this functions too ;)
And when I follow this instruction (authtype=mantis in dokuwiki and try to load dokuwiki site) ) I get many php errors like

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare utf8_to_unicode() (previously declared in ..dokuwiki/inc/utf8.php:611) in mantis/library/utf8/utils/unicode.php

this functions are:

function utf8_to_unicode
function utf8_substr_replace
function utf8_strlen
function utf8_strpos
function utf8_substr
function utf8_strtolower
function utf8_strtoupper

All of it already declared and realized in dokuwiki/inc/utf8.php

And when dokuwiki starts, it load at first its own functions
(it defined with if(!function_exists('utf8_strlen')) , but at the moment it is not defined)

and then mantis functions via
$conf['authtype'] = 'mantis';
and dokuwiki/inc/auth/mantis.class.php
require_once( MANTIS_ROOT . 'core.php' );

What way we can choose to resolve this conflict?
Maybe some cooperation with Dokuwiki Project?

Steps To Reproduce

follow inegraion instruction, set authtype=mantis in dokuwiki and try to load dokuwiki site

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has duplicate 0011018 closeddregad dokuwiki Integration: multiple utf8 string wrapper redeclarations 




2010-04-23 04:48

reporter   ~0025224

additional: when i install php5-mbstring (it was not installed) i got a new branch of similar errors:

[Fri Apr 23 12:22:39 2010] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare utf8_strlen() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/mantis/dokuw
iki/inc/utf8.php:132) in /var/www/vhosts/mantis/library/utf8/mbstring/core.php on line 28, referer: http://mantis.local/view_all_bug_page.php

and wiki don't work again.

if i patch it again in mantis with if(!function_exists('utf8_strlen')) it again start working, i think. But i remove php5-mbsting, and it start to work again.



2010-04-23 05:24

reporter   ~0025227

David Hicks <hickseydr> wrote:

"MantisBT 1.3.0 introduces a new require_lib() function to include
library files so this should make it a little easier than having random
require_once() calls all over the place."

maybe it helps in future.



2010-04-27 02:19

reporter   ~0025279

Adding the following line in dokuwiki/conf/local.php will resolve this issue:

require_once( MANTIS_ROOT . 'core.php' );

Make sure to add it somewhere after the line where MANTIS_ROOT is refined.

The reason this should work is because Mantis will define all the UTF8 functions first, and then DokuWiki won't try to define them again, because it checks if they are already defined.



2011-01-24 12:01

reporter   ~0028051

adding require_once( MANTIS_ROOT . 'core.php' ); doesn't solve anything for me :(
I get a blank page...



2011-05-06 01:31

reporter   ~0028757

require_once( MANTIS_ROOT . 'core.php' ); dosen't solve this problem...



2011-08-15 11:42

reporter   ~0029479

It solves it for me. I am updating the integration instructions in the Wiki to cover everything I ran into while integrating the latest stable versions of both packages (mantis 1.2.6, dokuwiki 2011-05-25a).



2011-08-15 12:51

reporter   ~0029480

Ok, scratch that, there is another probably unrelated problem preventing it from working. I already fixed one typo that caused a blatant failure in the mantis auth backend, so that raises the question of whether the plugin file has been corrupted at some point. (Another good reason to put whole source files in attachments...) Anyway, I will get back to this later today.



2011-08-19 02:54

reporter   ~0029516

Okay, I have gotten things working pretty nicely actually, however there are quite a few pitfalls that were not mentioned and I seem to have stumbled over all of them while getting this working. I updated the Wiki instructions at and added a number of tips that should help.



2012-11-29 10:18

developer   ~0034427

With toddpw's updates to the wiki page (thanks for that !), I assume this issue can be resolved.

Feel free to reopen if that is not the case