0026629: [ldap] LDAP API throws PHP warning when ldap_connect() fails (dregad)
0026596: [installation] Wrong defaults for db (plugin) table prefix/suffix (dregad)
0026622: [ldap] LDAP API does not cache realname information (dregad)
       0026600: [performance] Performance loss after update from 2.20.0 to 2.23.0 (dregad)
0026610: [ui] Option history_default_visible does not work (atrol)
0026470: [localization] Issue values on bug view page are not localized. (atrol)
0026482: [ui] 'View Issue' page fails to populate some fields (ex 'ID') for some projects (but not others) (atrol)
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0021908: [security] Weakened security headers in 2.0.x
0024689: [administration] Remove clickable alphanumeric index in manage_user_page.php
0025956: [installation] Increase minimum PHP requirement to 7.0
0020577: [plug-ins] Consistent use of EVENT_UPDATE_BUG_DATA
0026747: [plug-ins] No equivalent to lang_get_defaulted() in plugin_api() (dregad)
0021201: [localization] lang_get_defaulted does not search for fallback language (dregad)
0022839: [authentication] Deprecate MD5 login method and replace with BCRYPT hash (dregad)
0021819: [attachments] Support adding an attachment from change status page (cproensa)
0021820: [attachments] Support adding an attachment when editing an issue (cproensa)
0025764: [email] Enable S/MIME signed e-mail notifications (community)
0017577: [performance] Improve print_user_option_list() performance (dregad)
0019964: [authentication] Wrong anonymous rights application (dregad)
0020307: [printing] Print issue page needs to adjust formatting for tags and relationship handler (vboctor)
0020540: [attachments] Implement upgrade step to cleanup corrupt disk attachments after db->disk conversion (dregad)
0020431: [db schema] Use utf8mb4 charset for new MySQL installations (dregad)
0020874: [ui] Content Security Policy blocked embedded images added by Chrome Extension (vboctor)
0021694: [ui] inconsistent presentation of required fields (syncguru)
0022408: [custom fields] Custom field's value logged as changed in history, when it wasn't changed (dregad)
0022464: [custom fields] Loose type comparison can prevent custom field update (dregad)
0022840: [authentication] Don't expire user sessions when updating password hash after login method change (dregad)
0022841: [authentication] Don't truncate password when it exceeds db field size (dregad)
0024188: [ui] Update issue history code to display user names via standard APIs
0024241: [markdown] $g_html_valid_tags are not rendered if Markdown is enabled (dregad)
0024628: [markdown] Double quotes " and lesser than sign < are shown as HTML entity within Markdown code blocks (dregad)
0026101: [ui] Upgrade to font-awesome free 5.0 (syncguru)
0026142: [plug-ins] Improve handling of invalid / incorrectly installed plugins (dregad)
0026712: [ui] Provide a way to 'show content' for all complex items on Manage Configuration Report page (dregad)
0026662: [installation] Final statement to set database version not logged in SQL script (dregad)
0026663: [installation] improve installer messages when generating SQL script (dregad)
0026664: [installation] Allow admin to reset table pre/suffix to their default values (dregad)
0026568: [installation] Use appropriate statement to update DB schema when generating SQL (dregad)
0026661: [installation] Add informational comments to SQL script generated by installer (dregad)
0026542: [api rest] Passing out of range custom field id causes multiple PHP warnings / incorrect response (dregad)
0026540: [api rest] Passing unsanitized data to type hinted function causes program crash (dregad)
0026541: [api rest] Passing invalid id to rest api custom field update causes program crash (dregad)
0025097: [authentication] login username is not trimmed (dregad)
0026686: [bugtracker] Make category on bug_report_page a required field when $g_allow_no_category = OFF; (dregad)
0026687: [bugtracker] Required fields when reporting an issue, should also be when updating it (dregad)
0026690: [bugtracker] Mass update does not allow setting an empty category (dregad)
0026570: [bugtracker] Assigning bug from group action creates empty bugnote (atrol)
0023570: [bugtracker] Implement limit_reporters as a threshold (cproensa)
0025115: [roadmap] User can't see in roadmap a private issue that they reported (cproensa)
0015466: [bugtracker] Reporter can't see an issue they have been made a monitor of (cproensa)
0010831: [administration] how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them (cproensa)
0009534: [feature] Limit reporter's access to their own issues (cproensa)
0011365: [plug-ins] New Event: EVENT_MENU_ISSUE_RELATIONSHIP (dregad)
0011381: [relationships] Dependency Graph crash on circular parent child relationships (dregad)
0017594: [reports] Display issue Summary inside relation graph nodes (dregad)
0026163: [relationships] Relationship Graph page UI lacks MantisBT 2.x layout (dregad)
0026164: [relationships] Relationship Graph page is missing legend (dregad)
0026165: [relationships] Relationship Graph - inconsistency between button label and title (dregad)
0021133: [rss] Access of non existent image in RSS feeds (dregad)
0009155: [time tracking] Cell coloring for due date indicates "overdue" when not overdue yet. (dregad)
0026438: [bugtracker] Allow multiple, customizable due date levels (dregad)
       0009155: [time tracking] Cell coloring for due date indicates "overdue" when not overdue yet. (dregad)
       0016869: [bugtracker] Change of due date background color (dregad)
0026632: [api rest] Support user password reset via REST API (community)
0026621: [filters] Wrong filtering by none-relationship (cproensa)
0026636: [installation] Apostrophe in custom_field_string table causes upgrade from < 1.2.0 to fail (dregad)
0024600: [filters] BugFilterQuery - issue? - trying to add join & where conditions (cproensa)
0026612: [plug-ins] Improve MantisColumn sort capability to allow sorting by more complex expressions (cproensa)
0026623: [ui] Generate token with empty name and APPLICATION ERROR #11 (dregad)
0026598: [db mssql] Update ADOdb to 5.20.16 (dregad)
0026575: [plug-ins] When calling bug_assign function it auto creates empty note (atrol)
0026589: [documentation] Admin Guide: remove doc for long-deprecated $g_ldap_port config (dregad)
0026567: [code cleanup] Code Cleanup (atrol)
0026572: [code cleanup] Remove $g_log_destination 'firebug' option, as the project is dead since 2017 (dregad)
0026473: [ui] Incorrect CSS rules get applied if a word in custom field name matches an existing CSS class (atrol)
0026555: [reports] Wrong number of displayed rows on summary page (atrol)
0022142: [ui] on mantisbt.org Roadmap progress bar 'data-percent' class could stand out better (syncguru)
0026441: [api rest] Update GuzzleHttp from 6.4.1 to 6.5.2 (dregad)
0026439: [ui] Issue list throws warning on every issue without bug notes. (dregad)
0026475: [email] Update phpmailer/phpmailer from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4 (dregad)
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