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dregad dregad master 2019-09-04 06:29:41 master b215c4d5
Affected Issues  0016392: Bool columns in pgsql system created before MantisBT 1.1.0 have smallint type in DB
 0026109: check_pgsql_bool_columns: check wrongly suggests that the redirect_delay should be in boolean format

Install: redirect_delay is integer, not boolean

check_pgsql_bool_columns() function incorrectly categorized column
'redirect_delay' in user_pref table as boolean, when in fact it it an
integer (see issue 0016392).

This prevents users from having a redirect delay > 1s on PostgreSQL.

A follow-up fix will be required to ensure that the underlying column
is indeed integer as expected by MantisBT.

Fixes 0026109

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