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Paul Richards Paul Richards master 2014-06-01 17:04:34 master 13c20964
Affected Issues  0016570: Page content in 'Report Issue' is forgotten when user clicks [Back] button in browser

Fix 0016570: Page content is forgotten when user clicks [Back] button

By default we disable $g_allow_browser_cache in all circumstances.

The config value is commented out in In fact, thraxisp
added the config option in 2005 in the commented out state.

It would appear the DHX re-ordered this call when implemented require_api

The above code is only in 1.3 and not in the 1.2 series, so the above fix should
be safe to apply.

We probably need to consider whether we actually want to remove this configuration option

After all, it's a configuration option we've probably never had anyone use in 5 years
so I expect that the value of it is rather....

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