Released 2016-12-30
0021966: [bugtracker] View Issues Page Throwing MySQL Error Due to Hard Coded SQL Query (cproensa)
0021959: [installation] Installer fails if mbstring extension is not installed (dregad)
0022031: [rss] RSS throws a system notice (cproensa)
0022073: [security] Potentially serious RCE vulnerability in bundled PHPMailer before 5.2.18 (CVE-2016-10033) (dregad)
0021964: [custom fields] Editing issues with custom fields throws system notice (cproensa)
0019586: [timeline] Support disabling timeline feature based on access level (dregad)
0022011: [bugtracker] LOG_ALL causes error (dregad)
0020004: [custom fields] Wrong custom fields are shown on bug closing (community)
0021883: [db mssql] MSSQL installation fails with BAD ALTER TABLE error (dregad)
0021930: [administration] Administrator - Manage Users Error - SQL SERVER VERSION GREATER THAN 2012 NOT SUPPORTED (dregad)
0021963: [feature] Setting version fields on View Issues page broken (cproensa)
0021998: [performance] My View page timeline history query performance (cproensa)
0022004: [documentation] Outdated information concerning Time Tracking (atrol)
0022013: [other] EVENT_BUG_DELETED event is not called consistently (community)
0022028: [performance] Time out caused by URL processing (cproensa)
0022074: [tagging] System notice when detaching tags (cproensa)
0022095: [timeline] Inconsistent number of "My View boxes" columns (dregad)
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