Released 2016-11-26
0021914: [performance] tags column in view-all page issues one query for each bug row (cproensa)
0021878: [performance] Improve issue note caching (vboctor)
0020916: [bugtracker] Fix "Request-URI too long" for bug action group page (cproensa)
0017367: [custom fields] Custom Field - On The Manage Columns - Mantis changed value to lower case (cproensa)
0021876: [email] Email notifications for notes shouldn't include full issue information (vboctor)
0021900: [performance] Custom fields produce a large number of db queries (cproensa)
0017923: [customization] Add more parameters to event signals on Bug Change Status Page (cproensa)
0020140: [customization] EVENT_FILTER_COLUMNS should accept objects along/instead classes (cproensa)
0021709: [bugtracker] on error after verification page, user still can browse the site (cproensa)
0021830: [email] Remove $g_mail_priority configuration option to reduce spam risk (vboctor)
0021838: [documentation] Wrong documentation of bug_reopen_resolution and bug_duplicate_resolution in Admin Guide (atrol)
0021844: [html] Ampersands in Gravatar urls are double-escaped on bug pages (dregad)
0021847: [ui] Submit Report annotation (atrol)
0021875: [email] Include note attachments information in issue note added notification (vboctor)
0021877: [email] Mentioned users in a new note shouldn't receive double notifications (vboctor)
0021879: [code cleanup] Explicitly pass issue note id to email notifications rather than getting latest note id (vboctor)
0021884: [code cleanup] Use meaningful names for bugnote cache global variables (cproensa)
0021912: [tagging] Related tags are not showed correctly (cproensa)
0021915: [reports] Undefined offset warining in summary page (cproensa)
0014268: [bugtracker] "Report Issue" is missing if the user has access to only private projects, but has not selected a project from the dropdown. (cproensa)
0020138: [performance] file_bug_attachment_count fetch data for all bugs (cproensa)
0020248: [custom fields] Custom field named with capital letters like "Component" doesn't display on views (cproensa)
0021673: [administration] Extend activation URL validity period from 1 to 7 days (vboctor)
0021894: [security] Handlers(Assignees) are visible when editing an issue even if they are not visible when viewing it (atrol)
0021896: [email] Fix Outlook preview for email notifications by removing empty line at top (dregad)
0021957: [installation] Missing default timezone blocks the installation (dregad)
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