Released 2016-10-02
  • 0020102: [ui] Support switching saved filters and free text search when filter box is collapsed (syncguru)
  • 0021697: [ui] Clearer distinction between private and public notes (joel)
  • 0021684: [ui] Account verify page layout broken (joel)
  • 0021121: [ui] Project selection not usable with large number of projects (syncguru)
  • 0021681: [ui] Breadcrumbs bar does not respect $g_show_realname (dregad)
  • 0021603: [code cleanup] Publish full source code of ACE template (syncguru)
  • 0021653: [reports] Graphs broken (vboctor)
  • 0021682: [ui] "Operation successful" confirmation message partially hidden (dregad)
  • 0021683: [ui] Standardize "operation successful" messages (dregad)
  • 0021689: [code cleanup] Obsolete icon_path configuration (atrol)
  • 0021710: [ui] Incorrect display on Bug report confirmation page (dregad)
  • 0021704: [ui] Report Stay checkbox shows broken layout on action page (dregad)
  • 0021721: [ui] Missing tooltips on issue id (dregad)
  • 0021723: [bugtracker] Redirect to report page when creating a new issue with "report stay" checked (dregad)
  • 0021726: [ui] Page bottom displayed behind Sidebar in API Tokens page (community)
  • 0021728: [performance] Unneeded tooltip information on Summary page (dregad)
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