Released 2021-03-07

This feature and maintenance release contains over 100 fixes and enhancements; among many other things, it improves PHP 8 compatibility, LDAP authentication and invalid plugins management. It also includes a schema change, so do not forget to upgrade the database as documented in the Admin Guide.

Please note that this will be the last release supporting PHP 5; starting with MantisBT 2.26.0, the minimum PHP version will be 7.0 - read the official announcement at

0027827: [attachments] Improve pop-up description for file icons (dregad)
0027118: [security] Update PHPMailer to 6.3.0 (dregad)
0015361: [ldap] Add STARTTLS Support to LDAP (community)
0027144: [code cleanup] Data integrity: ensure users' default_project preference is a valid project (dregad)
0027828: [html] Standardize the way fontawesome icons are printed (dregad)
0026811: [authentication] Username regex is too strict by default (community)
0027574: [ui] Manage users edit page: inconsistent spacing between sections (dregad)
0026617: [documentation] Admin Guide has various broken links, obsolete info, etc. (dregad)
0026798: [administration] PHP warning in config_get_global (dregad)
0026822: [ldap] LDAP configuration options can be set in database (atrol)
0026821: [code cleanup] Standardize access of option database_version (atrol)
0026839: [printing] Viewer does not get Selection column in View Issues or Print Reports lists (atrol)
0026823: [ui] Upgrade to fontawesome version 4.7.0 (syncguru)
0026840: [preferences] Non existing field name os_version used where os_build should be used (atrol)
0026861: [ui] "Move" functionality offered for users that have just access to a single project (atrol)
0026884: [administration] Misleading e-mail notification following password reset by admin (dregad)
0026887: [sub-projects] Project Menu Bar does not indent subprojects properly (dregad)
0026889: [code cleanup] Implement ConfigsGetCommand and use from REST API (vboctor)
0026890: [code cleanup] Implement LocalizedStringsGetCommand and use from REST API (vboctor)
0026891: [api rest] /config REST API endpoint reports users as not found when they exist (vboctor)
0026892: [administration] Attachment settings not available on "Workflow Thresholds" page (atrol)
0026919: [api rest] Upgrade guzzlehttp/guzzle from 6.5.2 to 6.5.5 (dregad)
0026930: [code cleanup] Use user_is_login_request_allowed() instead of duplicating the logic (dregad)
0026963: [ui] Username field in Monitor box triggers password managers (vboctor)
0026964: [bugtracker] Admin check always has "WARN" for magic_quotes checks (PHP 7.4) (atrol)
0027005: [time tracking] User list in time tracking summary is not sorted (dregad)
0027117: [administration] SQL syntax error on manage_user_page (atrol)
0027122: [plug-ins] 3rd-party plugins cannot use chart.js library bundled with MantisGraph (dregad)
0027123: [javascript] MantisGraph: stop using chart.js bundled build (dregad)
0027124: [plug-ins] MantisGraph: update Chart.js library to v2.9.3 (dregad)
0027129: [filters] Preserving filters does not work correctly on sub-sub-projects (dregad)
0027155: [bugtracker] Update securimage to 3.6.8 (dregad)
0011463: [localization] Confusing message when selecting a project to enter an issue (dregad)
0026888: [code cleanup] Refactor printing of project selection menus (dregad)
0026962: [code cleanup] Remove unused bug_monitor_list_view_inc.php file (vboctor)
0026974: [installation] Required PHP json extension not documented and checked (atrol)
0026988: [preferences] issue report TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (dregad)
0027145: [code cleanup] Convert Project and User Pref APIs to use DbQuery class (dregad)
0027160: [ui] Wrong page position after bugnote add/edit (atrol)
0027808: [ui] Questionable UI / button on "Edit Project Category" page (atrol)
0027217: [bugtracker] bugnote_clear_cache() does not work properly (dregad)
0027241: [localization] Improve handling of missing language strings (dregad)
0027242: [bugtracker] Allow printing of standard confirmation alerts without buttons (dregad)
0027256: [bugtracker] Refactor Profiles management pages to display a list of records (dregad)
       0027257: [bugtracker] It is not possible to clear the Default Profile (dregad)
       0027259: [bugtracker] Profile-related operations lack confirmations (dregad)
       0027260: [ui] Confusing redirection when editing profiles (dregad)
       0027258: [code cleanup] Code cleanup around User/Global Profiles (dregad)
0027300: [documentation] Fix discrepancies in documentation for $g_display_errors (dregad)
0027302: [plug-ins] Force-installed plugins are not registered in order of priority (dregad)
0027375: [filters] search field at project-selection is not working anymore (dregad)
0027387: [administration] Manage user page table footer is displayed even when empty (dregad)
0027384: [other] Upgrade release build scripts to Python3 (dregad)
0027463: [administration] Sticky setting not available on "Workflow Thresholds" page (atrol)
0027576: [custom fields] Incorrect error message when reporting issue with a custom field failing validation (dregad)
0027575: [code cleanup] Remove obsolete 'posted' form param when reporting new issue (dregad)
0027573: [code cleanup] PHP notice in manage_user_edit_page.php when given invalid user id (dregad)
0027584: [documentation] Out of the box Mantis does not display either a Dependancy or Relationship Graph (dregad)
0027700: [bugtracker] Standardize on IEEE 1541 units (KiB, MiB) for file sizes (dregad)
0027701: [code cleanup] System notice in lang_error_handler (atrol)
0027703: [code cleanup] Error handlers use deprecated context parameter (atrol)
0027768: [administration] When deleting a project, there should be information of how many (if any) issues are affected (dregad)
0027802: [code cleanup] Remove Project Info page (atrol)
0008066: [bugtracker] clickable summaries in view issues page (community)
0012961: [plug-ins] Plugin_force_uninstall is not declared (dregad)
0025764: [email] Enable S/MIME signed e-mail notifications (dregad)
0026142: [plug-ins] Improve handling of invalid / incorrectly installed plugins (dregad)
       0026143: [plug-ins] Admin checks should detect invalid / incorrectly installed plugins (dregad)
       0017487: [plug-ins] Validate plugin folder name and name match during setup (dregad)
0026481: [api rest] Errors in API documentation (vboctor)
0026920: [authorization] reporter allowed to close (vboctor)
0027113: [sql] Error in bug_api.php when UPDATEing a bug (dregad)
0027150: [performance] Non visible image previews are transferred from server to client (atrol)
0027362: [installation] Sourceforge [admin/test_langs.php] File missing from installation packages ( & mantisbt-2.24.3.tar.gz) (dregad)
0027796: [installation] Using an empty timezone causes PHP notice on PHP 8 (dregad)
0027817: [administration] Issue revision settings not available on "Workflow Thresholds" page (atrol)
0027829: [tools] TravisCI: add PHP 8.0 to tests, and switch to bionic build environment (dregad)
0027830: [db postgresql] PHP 8.0 PostgreSQL builds fail due to deprecated pg_fieldsize() function (dregad)
       0026837: [db mssql] Update ADOdb to 5.20.20 (dregad)
0027833: [code cleanup] Unneeded code for option display_project_padding (atrol)
0027839: [change log] No hyperlinks in Changelog and Roadmap release notes (dregad)
0027848: [ldap] Changed default $g_ldap_protocol_version from 0 to 3. (community)
0027849: [ldap] LDAP server must be specified as an URI (community)
0027853: [security] Printing unsanitized user input in account_prof_edit_page.php (atrol)
0027881: [plug-ins] Tag attach group action doesn't trigger EVENT_TAG_ATTACHED (vboctor)
0027882: [plug-ins] Create cronjob script and plugin event (vboctor)
0027884: [administration] Some config options can be set in database, but should be configurable just in config_inc.php (atrol)
0027914: [custom fields] Custom date field with default value left blank even when field is required (dregad)
0027958: [ui] Inconsistent form input labels' font size when HTML label element is used (dregad)
0027969: [api rest] Incorrect documentation for tags (vboctor)
0027972: [ui] Left-align the Send Reminder textarea (dregad)
0027973: [api rest] REST API update issue triggers errors if payload is empty (dregad)
0027978: [ui] Horizontal rules (<hr> tag) are nearly invisible (dregad)
0027981: [api soap] mc_issue_update() throws system warning when Project not specified in IssueData (dregad)
0027982: [db schema] Email field in mantis_email_table is shorter than user email in mantis_user_table (vboctor)
0026665: [custom fields] Custom fields with comma can't be used in Manage Config Columns page (dregad)
0026903: [code cleanup] Move release scripts to main repository (vboctor)
0027298: [code cleanup] Remove unused and regroup duplicated language strings (dregad)
0027950: [custom fields] Validate date custom fields default value format (dregad)
0027956: [custom fields] Remove need to use {} for dynamic dates in custom fields default value (dregad)
0027983: [documentation] Improve Custom Fields documentation (dregad)
0027992: [documentation] Remove helper_alternate_class() calls from Developers Guide and document alternative (dregad)
0027993: [documentation] Host the Example Plugin from the Developers Guide in a repository in mantisbt-plugins organization (dregad)
0027994: [administration] "Add Version" without entering a version number outputs "Operation successful" though no version has actually been added (dregad)
0028002: [code cleanup] New API function to get User Id by cookie string (dregad)
0025998: [documentation] REST API documentation (vboctor)
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