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Server Setup and Operations Corner

Cron jobs

  • Asynchronous e-mails sending (/etc/cron.d/mantis-emails)
    the send_emails.php script is executed every 5 minutes
  • MantisBT manuals build (cron.hourly/mantis-docbook)
    The MantisBT documentation build script is executed every hour; it processes both the 1.2.x and master branches (if there have been changes to them since the last build), and the resulting manuals are then published to http://mantisbt/docs/
  • MantisBT nightly builds (cron.daily/nightly-builds)
    tarballs for the 1.2.x and master branches are built every night, the 2 most recent ones are kept. A logfile is generated in /var/log/nightly-builds.log



Custom log rotations are defined in /etc/logrotate.d/mantis

  • /var/log/nightly-builds.log: monthly rotation, keep 3
  • /var/log/mantis-docbook.log: daily rotation, keep 5
  • /var/log/irclogs.log: daily rotation, keep 5




The DokuWiki update check has been disabled on 10-Aug-2015, because we can't upgrade to newer versions for the time being due to PHP version requirements with the old server.

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