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MantisBT Plugins

Plugins list

Note that the above list is by no means exhaustive. If you authored one or more plugins which are not referenced here, feel free to update this list and create the corresponding wiki page.

Where to find the plugins

MantisBT plugins can be found at

More plugins can be found at Typically they are stored as issue attachments using own projects (look at projects starting with “Plugin -”) or project “mantisbt” and category “Plugins”.

How to install a plugin

A plugin is simply a directory with files in it. To install one:

  1. Download and unzip the plugin files to your computer
  2. Upload the plugin directory and the files it contains files under <yourMantisRoot>/plugins
  3. In MantisBT go to page Manage > Manage Plugins. You will see a list of installed and currently not installed plugins
  4. Click the Install link to install a plugin.

WARNING: some plugins require patching MantisBT's core to operate (e.g. to add new Events). Please note that such changes are neither recommended nor supported by the MantisBT team, as they potentially introduce bugs and/or incompatibilities with future versions. Use such plugins at your own risk !

The GitHub mantisbt-plugins organization

Hosting a new plugin

If you have authored a new Plugin and would like to have it hosted in our GitHub mantisbt-plugins organization, here is the simple process to follow:

Access Control

This section describes how to manage the teams in the organization; it is targeted at the organization's owners.

Team name Description
Owners Organization's administrators
Core developers MantisBT core team members, have Push access to all plugins (this is maintained manually)
Plugin XXXX One team per plugin, granting Push access to the plugin

When adding a new plugin

  1. Name it after the plugin being added, i.e. Plugin XXXX
  2. Grant permissions
    • When transferring an existing GitHub repo, select Push, Pull and Administrative
      Note: Admin rights are required to transfer ownership, so they will be granted temporarily and removed afterwards
    • When creating a new plugin (blank repo), select Push & Pull
  3. Add members
  4. Add the repository
  5. Grant the core-developers team access to the repository

When transferring ownership of an existing repository

follow the steps above, skipping 1, 6 and 7. Then, once the original owner has completed the transfer,