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mantisbot - MantisBT's IRC bot

This page describes the setup and operations of the mantisbot IRC bot, which lurks in the #mantisbt and #mantisdev channels on Freenode.

Basic Setup

mantisbot runs on Supybot as dedicated user (supybot)

The initial setup was performed by jreese on 21-Apr-2013.


The following standard plugins are loaded by default:

In addition, we also load the following custom or modified plugins:

Channel logging

The ChannelLogger plugin was configured as follows (all non-specified configs are default):

supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.flushImmediately      True
supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.rotateLogs            True   False

In the future, we may also want to set the following to avoid having too many files in each directory


mantisbot is setup as an upstart job, so it will stop/start automatically with the rest of the system services (e.g. when the server is rebooted).

The following commands can be executed from the shell for manual operations:

start|stop|restart|status mantisbot

The upstart config file is in /etc/init/mantisbot.conf and a copy is kept in supybot's home dir, ~/mantisbot/upstart.conf.

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