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mantisbot - MantisBT's IRC bot

This page describes the setup and operations of the mantisbot IRC bot, which lurks in the #mantisbt and #mantisdev channels on Freenode.

Basic Setup

mantisbot runs on Supybot as dedicated user (supybot)

The initial setup was performed by jreese on 21-Apr-2013.


The following standard plugins are loaded by default:

  • Admin
  • Channel
  • Config
  • Games
  • Herald
  • Misc
  • NickCapture
  • Owner
  • Plugin
  • Seen
  • User

In addition, we also load the following custom or modified plugins:

Channel logging

The ChannelLogger plugin was configured as follows (all non-specified configs are default):

supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.flushImmediately      True
supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.rotateLogs            True   False

In the future, we may also want to set the following to avoid having too many files in each directory

  • supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.directories.timestamp: True
  • supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger.directories.timestamp.format: %Y


mantisbot is setup as an upstart job, so it will stop/start automatically with the rest of the system services (e.g. when the server is rebooted).

The following commands can be executed from the shell for manual operations:

start|stop|restart|status mantisbot

The upstart config file is in /etc/init/mantisbot.conf and a copy is kept in supybot's home dir, ~/mantisbot/upstart.conf.

Bot owners

  • jreese
  • dregad
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