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IRC logs archive setup

Thanks to mantisbot - MantisBT's IRC bot, we keep an archive of all activity on the official MantisBT channels.

This data is available on the IRC Logs page

Initial setup pages

A new page was created, and the following ones modified, as well as the CSS:

See mantisbt-web repository for details.

Converting from the old setup

TODO check the dates in the logs - jreese has [hh:mm:ss] (on PST apparently), mantisbot has yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss (on server time, EST)

– import completed on 02-May-2013 19:53 (EST, server time)

Generate the HTML pages

Setup the cron job

To test, generate some activity on one of the channels, wait a few minutes and check that the

Web server setup


When everything is confirmed to be working as expected


The channel logs are saved on an ongoing basis by *mantisbot*.

The HTML pages are generated from these logs and then posted on the web site by a Python script which is scheduled to run every 5 minutes via a cron job [TODO]

There should be no need for any manual intervention.

Known Issues / TODO