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Mantis Feature List

Mantis is an issue tracker that is implemented in PHP. The main features include:

  • Free (GPL License)
  • Easy to Install (both internally and in hosted environments).
  • Easy to evaluate
    • InstantMantis - Be up and running in 2 minutes (not recommended for production use)
  • Simple User Experience
  • Web Based
  • Supports any platform that runs PHP (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, AS400/i5, etc)
  • Available in 68 localizations.
  • Simple/Advanced Issue Pages
  • Multiple Projects per instance
  • Support for Projects, Sub-Projects, and Categories.
  • Users can have a different access level per project
  • Changelog Support
  • Roadmap Support (available in 1.1.0a2)
  • My View Page
  • Search and Filter
    • Full Text Search
    • Simple/Advanced Filters
    • Shared Filters (across users / projects)
  • Built-in Reporting (reports / graphs)
  • Custom Fields
  • Email notifications
  • Users can monitor specific issues
  • Attachments (can be saved on webserver or in database - can also backup to an FTP account)
  • Issue Change History
  • RSS Feeds (news, issues matching saved filters, issues matching a specific project)
  • Customizable issue workflow
  • Sponsorships Support - users are able to place bounties or sponsorships for specific issues, also developers can track such sponsorships / payments.
  • Anonymous Access
  • Signup / Forgot Password Features
  • Export to csv, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
  • Ability to extended functionality through hook (custom) functions.
  • Reporting issues via Email (available as a patch - currently being integrated)
  • Reporting Issues via a custom form on your website (Anonymantis).
  • Source Control Integration (SVN and CVS).
  • No limit on the number of users, issues, or projects.
  • Wiki Integration (optional)
  • Chat Integration (optional)
  • Multi-DBMS Support - Mantis uses ADODB as an abstraction library to support multiple DBMSes.
    • MySQL
    • MS SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle (experimental)
    • DB2 (in progress)
  • Webservice (SOAP) interface (MantisConnect)
    • A SOAP web service that is implemented in PHP and can be consumed from any language that supports SOAP web services.
    • .NET Client Library
    • Java Client Library
    • Cocoa Client Library
  • Support for mobile devices (MantisWAP).
  • There are community projects that integrate it with content management and project management tools.
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