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Author: Victor Boctor


Mantis roadmap feature is similar to the changelog feature but it tracks planned features and fixes rather than the implemented ones. The roadmap feature is a core tool for planning future releases and communicating such plan to the clients and the development team. It also provides a way to track the progress towards a release in terms of the work done vs. planned.

Feature Change History

Look 'n' Feel

Following is a screenshot of a sample roadmap showing two releases.



What is shown on the roadmap?

Assigning target release for multiple issues?

This can be done by selecting the issues in the View Issues page and then selecting “Update Target Version” from the combo box at the bottom and clicking go. This will re-direct to a page where the target version can be selected and the setting confirmed.

Linking to Roadmap Page

In some scenarios it is required to link to the roadmap page while specifying a specific project id. Following is an example which links to the roadmap page with project id set to 1.

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