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Features identified from the bugtracker

rombert - this is based on a high-level survey of the bug tracker, taking into account bugs with lots of discussion or features which make sense IMO.

High-level features

Webservice APIs




Requirements Change

rombert 2013/04/24 12:07 this is IMO something which we justify with features, not something which is a feature candidate

vboctor - agreed. However, dropping support for certain environments is something that we may need to communicate to the community and get feedback. A survey is one avenue for that. For example, do people care if we require javascipt? drop IE 6 support, etc?

rombert 2013/04/25 12:00 Agreed, we need to communicate this upfront, for instance 'In order to be able to provide X,Y,Z we will always require Javascript to be enabled/IE 8 or newer etc.