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Customizing Columns in View Issues Page


This recipe explains how to customize the columns to be viewed in the View Issues page. In the case where a column is specified in the list of columns to be viewed, but the code determines that such field is not applicable or is turned off via configuration, the column won't be viewed. The current values of the information listed below can be found in the source code in the file config_defaults_inc.php.

Column Names

Following is a list of columns to select from:

Fields viewed by default

Following are the fields that are viewed by default:

Using Custom Functions

In versions prior to 1.1.0a1, using custom functions was the only option to customize the columns to be viewed in View Issues page. For more details about this option this blog entry.

Using Configuration

In Mantis 1.1.0a1, support was implemented to allow customizing the columns to be viewed via the configuration. This in addition to web based configurations allows a very easy way to configure the columns to be viewed for all projects, for a specific project, for a specific user, or for a user/project combination.

array ( 'selection', 'edit', 'priority', 'id', 'sponsorship_total', 'bugnotes_count', 'attachment', 'category_id', 'severity', 'status', 'last_updated', 'summary' );

Changes in 1.2

The “Manage Configuration” page has changed behaviour in 1.1.2 because of the the security fix detailed in bug 8976

Since at least 1.2 the name for the Category column has been changed from “category” to “category_id”

The correct value to use for the above example starting from 1.2 is:

array( selection, edit, priority, id, sponsorship_total, bugnotes_count, attachment, category_id, severity, status, last_updated, summary )