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Custom Rules Requirements (Alternative to Custom Field Display Requirements)


Current Approach

Mantis allows for creation of custom field definitions for bugs. Currently, Mantis allows users to configure when each custom field is displayed and when it is required. The current implementation allows the user to specify the display/require option on 4 conditions; report, update, resolved, closed. The report, resolved, and closed conditions each map to one Status. The update conditions maps to all other statuses.

Proposed Approach

This feature allows advanced configuration of custom fields by providing the ability to define complex custom rules using any standard field which is in scope, any custom field, or any configured values. In addition, users are able to apply these custom rules to standard fields and custom fields alike.

The feature allows administrators to set custom permission levels depending on the page the field is on.

For example, management wants a custom field to be required when opening a bug.  However, after the bug is opened
that field should only be editable by a manager.  In this case, the rule for the field on the bug_report and 
bug_report_advanced page is that all users have write permissions to the field and the field is required.  The rule 
for the field on all other update pages is that all users have read permissions but only management users have write permissions.  

Standard permissions rules are applied as the default. Custom permissions are used to override standard field permissions.

Phase 1

Expand the ability to display/require custom fields on specific pages

Phase 2

Implementation Notes

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