crashed workflow

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crashed workflow

Postby HUN73R » Jul 08, 2009 2:44 pm


I´ve recently updated my old Mantis 1.1.1 to a new 1.1.7, but there´s a problem which I cannot go through..

When a bug is set to "assigned", my workflow leads it to "resolved" as next step, and "developer" is the lowest required access level to change it.

However, developers cannot set an "assigned" issue to "resolved" as they were used to do through "Viewing Issue Simple Details" screen, even though it´s possible, but not desired neither smart, through "view issues" -> "move" (combo box).

The unique available button on "Viewing Issue Simple Details" screen, to developers when an issue is "assigned", is "monitor issue".

I guess something´s wrong with my workflow or user´s permissions..but I´m not sure, since it used to work properly on the previous (1.1.1) version.

How can I put that "set status to:" button back?

// I´ve copied my "old" config_inc.php file to this version.

Thanks in advance,
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