[1.1.6] Installation (Windows IIS / SQL Server)

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[1.1.6] Installation (Windows IIS / SQL Server)

Postby binolino » Dec 11, 2008 1:01 pm


usually we use asp-software and our IIS-Server (6.0) is fine for that. As a Database we use MS SQL Server 2005.

Today I installed php 5.2.8 on our IIS and tested the installation with phpinfo(); -> it works fine.

Then I wanted to install Mantis (V1.1.6).

http://serveradress/mantis/ -> return
I selected the type of database : "Microsoft SQL Server (experimental)" and filled in all the other fields.

After clicking on install the following error appears:
Checking PHP support for database type BAD
database is not supported by PHP. Check that it has been compiled into your server.

I checked google and noticed that I have to install some kind of driver for MS SQL. But I don't really know which one I have to use for Mantis! ODBC? The driver of Microsoft?
Searching in some forums is so annoying cause every forum-search-box filters "sql" and "ms" *doh*

I'm aktually a little lost. Perhaps you can help me?

Thanks a Lot ! Binolino

P. S. Hope any information is in this posting. If you need some further information, feel free to ask here!
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Re: [1.1.6] Installation (Windows IIS / SQL Server)

Postby cparker » Feb 11, 2009 1:10 pm

Same issue here. Anyone have a direction to point me?
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Re: [1.1.6] Installation (Windows IIS / SQL Server)

Postby dialexia » Apr 17, 2009 12:13 am

Please post what you set as parameters in your config_inc.php file, most likely the problem is there.
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