Email queue not sending

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Email queue not sending

Postby Tim Jenkins » Nov 27, 2017 11:06 am


Up until today our installation seemed to be sending out emails successfully, then we stopped receiving emails from the system. Looking at '/admin/email_queue.php' I can see 70+ emails in the queue. If I click the 'Send or Delete' button on any of these individual emails then that email will be delivered fine. However the 'Send All' or 'Send or Delete All' buttons at the bottom of the page do not clear the queue or send any of the mail.

I have a Scheduled Task every 5 minutes running 'send_emails.php' using 'php.exe'. Upon trying to run this task manually I get the output:
Code: Select all
Sending emails...

However again this has not sent or cleared any of the email queue.

Any suggestions on how to get this email queue moving?

PHP v7.0
IIS 10
MantisBT Version: 2.5.1
config_inc.php :
Code: Select all
$g_hostname               = '_____';
$g_db_type                = 'mysqli';
$g_database_name          = '_____';
$g_db_username            = '_____';
$g_db_password            = '_____';

$g_default_timezone       = 'Europe/London';

$g_crypto_master_salt     = '_____';
$g_roadmap_view_threshold = OFF;
$g_changelog_view_threshold = OFF;
$g_enable_profiles = OFF;

$g_allow_signup    = ON;
$g_enable_email_notification = ON;
$g_phpMailer_method = PHPMAILER_METHOD_SMTP;
$g_smtp_host = '';
$g_smtp_connection_mode= 'tls';
$g_SMTPAuth = true;
$g_smtp_port = 587;
$g_smtp_username = '_____';
$g_smtp_password = '_____';
$g_administrator_email = '_____';
$g_from_email      = '_____';
$g_return_path_email    = '_____';

$g_window_title = '_____';
$g_logo_image = 'images/360-SystemsCol.jpg';
$g_favicon_image = 'images/favicon.ico';
Tim Jenkins
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Re: Email queue not sending

Postby Tim Jenkins » Nov 29, 2017 11:03 am

Got this working in the end.

Turns out that an administrative account had the email address 'root@localhost'. Although running 'send_emails.php' didn't imply it emails to this address were failing to send. From the PHP errors log:
Code: Select all
2017-11-28 17:09 GMT MAIL email_api.php:1385 email_send() ERROR: Message could not be sent - SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: root@localhost: Recipient address reserved by RFC 2606

To resolve this I changed the email address on the account to something valid, then I had to manually remove all emails in the email queue to 'root@localhost' via mysql.
Tim Jenkins
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Joined: Nov 27, 2017 10:32 am

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