Problem emailing attachments

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Problem emailing attachments

Postby MightyMouse58 » Nov 22, 2017 5:23 pm


my problem is this - the person I assign an issue to does not get the attachment to the issue. What is wrong in my configuration? Where do I need to go to fix it?

I have Mantis locally installed and email is working well, but recently the person I assign issues to has told me he's not getting the attachments (I suspect that he hasn't been getting them from the beginning but has chosen now to tell me). In my work I take screen shots of the software, save them as a .PNG file and then attach them before assigning the issue. He has no access to my computer so he can't get to my Mantis installation. I rely on the fact that when he gets the issue, the attachment is there for him to see.

What do I need to fix for him the get the email attachment?

Advice appreciated.
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