Possible Help for ERROR #49: Invalid credentials for AD

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Possible Help for ERROR #49: Invalid credentials for AD

Postby tegger » Sep 13, 2017 6:44 am

i got problems with ldap and Active Directory with ad-admin-user and found a solution
Code: Select all
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:326 ldap_authenticate_by_username() Binding to LDAP server
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:63 ldap_connect_bind() Attempting connection to LDAP server/URI 'ldap://XXX.YYY.ZZZ.XXX:389'.
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:66 ldap_connect_bind() Connection accepted by LDAP server
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:79 ldap_connect_bind() Setting LDAP protocol version to 3
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:101 ldap_connect_bind() Attempting bind to ldap server with username and password
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:46 ldap_log_error() ERROR #49: Invalid credentials
2017-08-24 16:31 CEST LDAP ldap_api.php:111 ldap_connect_bind() Bind to ldap server failed

i changed g_ldap_bind_dn to an @ login
Code: Select all
#$g_ldap_bind_dn       = 'CN=ad-admin-user,cn=Users,dc=aaa,dc=lan';
$g_ldap_bind_dn       = 'ad-admin-user@aaa.lan';

and this is working, my complete setup in the config_inc.php
Code: Select all
$g_login_method       = LDAP;
$g_ldap_server          = 'ldap://XXX.YYY.ZZZ.XXX:389';
$g_ldap_root_dn       = 'DC=aaa,DC=lan';
$g_ldap_organization    = '(objectClass=*)';
$g_ldap_realname_field  = 'cn';

#$g_ldap_bind_dn       = 'CN=userinad,cn=Users,dc=aaa,dc=lan';
$g_ldap_bind_dn       = 'userinad@aaa.lan';

$g_ldap_bind_passwd    = 'PASSWORD';
$g_ldap_protocol_version = 3;
$g_ldap_uid_field       = 'sAMAccountName';
$g_use_ldap_email        = OFF;
$g_use_ldap_realname      = OFF;
$g_ldap_follow_referrals = OFF;
#$g_log_level = LOG_LDAP ;
#$g_log_destination = 'file:C:/tmp/mantisbt.log';

so, i hope this will help anyone with the same problem
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