Some Improvements

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Some Improvements

Postby maschneider » Jan 05, 2012 8:56 am


i like the plugin, but there some issuis so i write some changes. You can find my source in github:

i have made the following changes:

- add a hack with encoding problems with evolution

evolution encodes subject in ISO but the rest of the email in utf-8, so if you use special chars (like german äöü) the subject was broken

- try to remove signatur

alway have the complete email signature was bad, so i try to remove the signature, i use to detect "-- \n" at the end of a mail. It is not the best but a work solution.

- try to remove dublicated content

if you answer email and have a full-quote the complete quote will add as a bug notice. Some time you have part of the quote already be part on the history of the bug. So i load all bugnotes and replace the content with a link to the note in the new bug note. This is experimental but at the moment it works for us

Have a look and share your thoughts


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Re: Some Improvements

Postby SL-Gundam » Jan 05, 2012 12:06 pm

I would have rather seen some configuration options with which someone can manipulate these hacks.

Something like this: "Email subject always encoded with ISO-8859-1 (hack for evolution) -> Yes - No" etc.

But it would be even better if these hacks could do their job automatically so that outlook, evolution and other mail clients can be used simultaneously
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Re: Some Improvements

Postby SL-Gundam » Mar 09, 2013 4:52 pm

While i was testing Evolution to see about adding a hack option with which others could fix this character set issue i found out that it is not just Evolution but more or less every other mail client on the planet.... (oops)

So i'm reworking the email parsing and charset conversion stuff so that this works properly for all email clients

Which resulted in the following changes: ... fb371a563f ... 2d801745df
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