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0009701mantisbtinstallationpublic2014-12-08 00:34
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Product Version1.1.3 
Target Version1.3.0-beta.1Fixed in Version1.3.0-beta.1 
Summary0009701: Install/upgrade shouldn't need admin user when DB already exists

Using PostgreSQL. I'm installing Mantis on a web server, and I've configured postgres to only allow a single non-admin user to access mantis database from there. I've created the database manually.

Couldn't get through the check "Attempting to connect to database as admin" (error: "Does administrative user have access to the database? ( Unable to Connect )")

So I've replaced the line 292 in install.php with just "$t_result = 1;", and the rest went well.

I don't think installation should insist on having admin access when it's not necessary. A checkbox for "Database already exists" on the installation form would be acceptable, if it's too complicated to figure this out automatically.

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2008-10-20 11:31

reporter   ~0019604

1.1.x has known issues with database schemas for Postgresql; last I knew, Paul was the one dealing with trying to port the fixes from trunk back to 1.1.x.



2008-10-20 19:28

reporter   ~0019611

Trunk behaves the same way.



2013-10-16 11:03

developer   ~0038278

You have to consider the case where the database user does not have the right to create/alter tables, in that case providing an admin account is mandatory.

Nevertheless, this should be fixed in master branch shortly - Mantis will attempt installation using the database user, issue a warning that the admin user/pw are blank and happily continue with the upgrade using the db user/pw (of course it will fail if the account does not have enough privileges)

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MantisBT: master e23da69a

2013-10-17 11:46:56


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Various fixes and improvements to the installer

Fixes 0009701 0016357 0007632 (and potentially others as well)
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