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Summary0009581: Advanced time tracking

The high level goal of the three modules in this package is to enhance
existing time tracking/reporting capabilities in Mantis.

If you're looking for something more than the standard billing module can deliver, then give it a try.

All the files, and installation instructions are included in the attached zip archive.

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related to 0007945 new Time tracking vs. time planning 


2008-08-27 16:29 (42,470 bytes)


2008-08-27 16:33

reporter   ~0019258

Have I already mentioned, that all contributions are highly welcome?



2008-08-27 16:33

reporter   ~0019259

Can you please expand on your modifications? Explain what they add, how they work, etc.



2008-08-28 03:39

reporter   ~0019264

Last edited: 2008-08-28 03:44

The three modules found in the package are additions to Mantis. The need for these emerged in a company I was staying in for a while. Because of their contracts' formulation they have to keep track of the time spent on projects, issues of different priorities, categories, etc. In general, various time tracking reports will be needed, and the employees will be asked to use Mantis to record their work times. They also need to integrate with another bt system used in one of customer companies.

The first module 'Report timed issue' allows for submitting an issue. The functionality of Mantis' 'Report Issue' screen was altered by adding time tracking, date of issue, status, (...), fields.
It sometimes happens that company that you're maintaining software for has its own bug tracking system, through which they report issues to you. If you're using Mantis inside your company, you would probably want to transfer some information about these issues from the other system. This module is a middle ground between writing your own connector for the two bugtrackers, and the issue 'copy&paste' aproach.

The two remaining modules add some new time tracking reports. One of them is a summary report similiar to what can be found in the billing module. The difference is that you can not only see the report in issue-wise order, but you can also see how much time users spent on particular projects, categories, etc. You can also view things like how much time was spent in a project on different priorities, categories, etc.
The second report serves as a tool for monitoring and reporting time tracking information on weekly basis. This allows for viewing how much time a user spent on an issue in a given day. New time tracking information can be added directly using this report for a particular day (e.g. developers can fill in all the daily work times at the end of month).

I think that's pretty much it. Some additional, more technical, information is included inside the package in the readme file.



2008-09-25 06:54

reporter   ~0019454


I'm verry interested by the advanced time tracking but i use mantis v1.2.0a1.
This add-on does not work with this mantis version.

Is there an adapted version ?


can I easily migrate my DB from mantis 1.2.0a1 to mantis 1.1.2 ?

Thank a lot in Advance.




2008-10-01 15:19

reporter   ~0019484

Unfortunately I haven't tested it with Mantis 1.2.

I'm not sure what changed between 1.1.2 and 1.2.0a1 in terms of API and database schema. Feel free to try to adapt this add-on to your needs.



2008-11-19 17:54

reporter   ~0019947

works in my 1.1.2 and I think this is absolutely an improvement - we need a thing like this and will test it further.

please let us now if you're going to merge it into the app.



2008-12-02 13:54

reporter   ~0020192

Is there any way to have the time tracking box when submitting a new ticket in advanced mode? as well as it shows up in the simple mode? mine doesn't show up when i want to add a ticket in advanced mode in the report timed issue menu, any help will be appreciated.



2008-12-03 21:13

reporter   ~0020221

Just installed the package in MantisBT v1.1.5. Installation is clear enough. When I run the app, I see the new menu items for Report Timed Issue, Time Tracking, and Week Report.

  1. I did not remove the "billing" option code in html_api.php, placing your custom code just above it in the # Add custom options section of the print_menu function. It seems to work fine but for the record, is that OK?

  2. To be consistent with the MantisBT issue filter, you may want to consider moving the columnar entry fields up with the date range entry.

  3. An interesting option would be to include sub projects.


2008-12-03 21:31

reporter   ~0020222

Also, do you have a wiki or similar where one might add new feature specs and so on?



2008-12-04 08:03

reporter   ~0020227


Ad.1 - I think that's ok to do (especially since it works for you ;))

Ad. "time tracking box in advanced mode" - this is not implemented in this version...

Actually, I do not actively maintain this module anymore. But from what I know there were some people assigned to this module in the company for which I originally created it. I hope this means, that some new features will come up eventually:). And this bt entry is the central place for information exchange about it at the moment.
I do realize that comprehension of existing code and maintenance is in general often more difficult than initial development, but if someone has enough motivation he can continue further with this project.



2011-12-23 23:46

reporter   ~0030683

it's a pity it doesn't work on the latest release



2011-12-24 09:05

developer   ~0030696

AbsolutelyFreeWeb, you're more than welcome to adapt it :-)



2012-02-20 17:00

reporter   ~0031267

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Hmm, haven't looked into this, but judging from comment 0009581:0019264 this seems to do pretty much the same as
Also, why not link this to feature 0007945 FFR ?

Edit: AbsolutelyFreeWeb, I see you're also watching the ProjectManagement github project. Could you explain (by mail on github if you like) why that doesn't cover your needs ? Feel free to post feature requests on the 'issues' page :)



2012-02-20 18:45

reporter   ~0031269

Hi Vincent, My comment above was from before I improved the time tracking plugin, and also before I saw your projectmanagement plugin, both of which I think address the above mentioned improvements. This issue is obsolete but is not closed because the built-in functionality does not include it.

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