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0009007mantisbttime trackingpublic2017-12-04 14:44
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Summary0009007: Billing summary does not include sub-projects

In the billing sub-menu, the report includes only the times of the project, not the sub-projects.
This is annyoning. It is very interesting to create a hierarchy of projects so that we are able to handle several of them as a whole.

Note that it may require to add the project name in the report (AFAIU, by now the project name is known by the context)

Steps To Reproduce

Create 2 projects, one being a child of another one.
Add a note on the child and affect some time to this note.
Ask a billing report on the parent project : shows 0 minutes.

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has duplicate 0013903 closedatrol mantisbt Timetracking to recurse subprojets 
related to 0013705 assignedAbsolutelyFreeWeb Plugin - Time Tracking Filtering time tracking report 


2008-03-27 07:00


proto_patch_mantis_time_tracking_subprojects (2,237 bytes)


2008-03-27 07:01

reporter   ~0017474

OK, find attached a small patch that does the job.

The project name is not displayed though, as it is not returned by the sql query. We could add that...



2008-03-28 03:23

reporter   ~0017481

It appears that (with ou without my patch) asking for billing of "All Projects" shows bugs even if they belong to private projects (as far as these bugs have time tracking information attached).
Trying to follow the bug link returns a "forbidden access" page, however some informations are disclosed anyway.
Isn't this annoyning ?



2011-12-24 05:16

reporter   ~0030692

see also 0012273

so if solution is given, what takes 4 years to not do this? are the shown asignees still active developers?



2012-02-21 03:17

reporter   ~0031275

Hi there, would definitely be interested to see this feature implemented.
Thx to the team ;-)



2012-05-24 11:41

reporter   ~0031892

Any news about recursing projects in time tracking?
Thanks ;-)



2017-11-20 20:31

reporter   ~0058228

I'm facing this exact problem right now.
Feeling sad it has been neglected.
But I still believe in MantisBT's Time Tracking.



2017-11-21 10:55

reporter   ~0058234

ethraza, I fixed this in the plugin (not in the core) ages ago. this ticket is closed, if you need assistance better use an active one.



2017-12-04 14:44

developer   ~0058313


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