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0008925mantisbtemailpublic2009-06-23 15:28
ReportercombrAssigned Tograngeway 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSLinuxOS VersionFedora 6
Product Version1.1.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.2.0rc1 
Summary0008925: wrong wordwrap in email for bugnote body(php+utf8 bug?)

in email, when it composing by mantis to send, in email_api.php "# format bugnotes"

there is a function wordwrap()
$t_message .= wordwrap( $t_bugnote->note ) . " \n\n";

when it applied to ascii text, it works
when it applied to other(russian, for example) text, it wrap text too shortly.

ascii (no real text, just example):

abc def abcd efg


??? ???
???? ???

Steps To Reproduce

enter some ascii text and see email
enter analogical non-ascii text and see short wrap in email

Additional Information

think it is php+utf8 bug

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2009-05-02 06:45

reporter   ~0021760

Have removed calls to wordwrap() in email api - phpmailer has a word wrapping functionality that appears from looking at code to attempt to deal with utf8.

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