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Target Version1.3.0-beta.1Fixed in Version1.3.0-beta.1 
Summary0008129: Alternative to captchas

Captchas are bad for accessibility:

There's no way one can sign up for an account with captcha's enabled if one is either blind or uses a text-only browser.

Please consider implementing an alternative Turing test. E.g. questions of the type 'what is 5 add eight' checking against numeric answer, etc.

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child of 0016565 closedgrangeway Implement new captcha library 




2007-07-05 13:14

reporter   ~0014869

Here's the LGPL php module that is a text alternative to CAPTCHAs:

Download here:,50



2013-11-01 06:50

developer   ~0038417

Marked as resolved following grangeway's implementation of securimage captcha library, as per his commit comment.

Feel free to reopen if you find that the original issue persists.



2013-12-01 22:04

reporter   ~0038683




2013-12-01 22:05

reporter   ~0038727


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 8dd28f84

2013-10-15 16:02:42

Paul Richards

Details Diff
New Feature: replace captcha library with open source library. Adds audio support to captcha for accessibility [requires flash on client]

Ported from master-2.x branch

Resolves (Part or all) of bugs:

0010972: openbase_dir breaks captcha generation
0008796: The letters in the catchpa on account creation page are too small
0010976: Remove instances of pass-by-reference (deprecated in PHP 5.3.0)
0010028: Registrations by bots via captcha exploit
0008462: Captcha will benefit supporting other than jpeg format
0008129: Alternative to captchas
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