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0000801mantisbtfeaturepublic2001-08-23 09:10
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Summary0000801: Provide support for custom layout.

The current build of mantis requires that changes be made to core_API_html.php3 in order for me to stick our company's logo into the pages (to look like the rest of our site). This is a bit of a hassle when upgrading since this file needs to be edited after each upgrade. It would be nice if there was some code in mantis that checked for a header.html and footer.html and included them if they existed (or some equivalent mechanism).

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2001-08-16 16:58

reporter   ~0001158

Actually you should be able to do this in the config_inc.php file

Line: 467
$g_bottom_include_page = $g_absolute_path."";
$g_top_include_page = $g_absolute_path."";

It should probably be moved up in the config file to be more noticeable. It's also probably not documented so I'll need to fix that.

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