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0007945mantisbttime trackingpublic2015-05-17 04:48
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Product Version1.1.0a3 
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Summary0007945: Time tracking vs. time planning
DescriptionWith the release of Mantis 1.1.0a3 time tracking is possible, and it looks great. But wouldn't it be nice to take it to the next level and make planning possible ?

To make estimates and track progress on projects fields like 'initial estimate' and 'remaning time' is needed.

The billing page could generate reports for all fields or a new tracking page could be made, and the 'add note' could have a field for remaning time next to time tracking.
Additional InformationAnother cool feature would be reports based on the roadmap and changelog versions where remaining and used time was calculated.

Or what about an automatic forecast for release date based on the used time during the last couple of weeks just like ScrumWorks.

I've used Mantis since version 0.19 and is using Subversion integration as well. If something like this was implemented I wouldn't need any other tool.
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jci000 (reporter)

If this is made as 'initial estimate', 'remaining time', 'spent time', 'diff. time' with reports based on version and/or project like:


and a possibility to track the development like ScrumWorks with forecast, we will sponsor this, when a release is made with this functionality.

So how much does it take ?


sirshurf (reporter)

That is something I am looking right now, and I am going probably to work on it since I need it myself...

But I think that the only field needed is "Initial Estimate" and "Aditional Time" (and who made the change).

The rest are most probably just a reports ??? Any Ideas?


onad (reporter)

All good ideas, but please remember Mantis is a defect tracker. You could opt to couple it to Dotproject ( www.dotproject.net ) see http://www.dotproject.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=4614 ) from of experience I know one wants more and more project planning in a defect tracker, up to the level the defectracker does not satisfy anymore. IMHO We better impove dotproject mantis integration.


sirshurf (reporter)

That part is a Dotproject.... and if to couple it to some Project Managemnent I would go for PHProjekt which is better for my taste...

But any other Ideas?


jci000 (reporter)

It's properly right that many people would want more and more project features in Mantis, but why is this a bad thing ?

We are using Mantis with Subversion integration and just needs a little more, but if that means Mantis integration into a project tool like dotProject why even use Mantis. You could make a dotProject/Subversion integration instead.


sirshurf (reporter)

Ok, Since we have a disscution here, I defenetly think that I will start looking into that maybe today


sirshurf (reporter)

Post here any Ideas you think will benefit such an add-on


jci000 (reporter)

The 'Trac Project' has a Time Tracking plugin, maybe that could be a good starting point.


But a Mantis 'built-in' solution would be better than a plugin.


jci000 (reporter)

Sirshurf are you still here, and what about anyone else ?

One way to do this could be :

1) At the issue page add a section for 'Time Planning' with

Initial Estimate, Total Worked, Remaining, Difference + Update button

Difference = Initial - Total - Remaining, and remember the issue history

2) A report page with options for ignoring closed issues and sorting after target release, showing issue time data and sum's for each release/project

3) A report page with a graph showing project time data vertically and real time horisontally for every week


sirshurf (reporter)

I am always here... My PC crashed a few days ago, so I am only from work, and dont have here time to some work about it...

I have started creating it allmost exactly as you have wrote it jci000, thought I am more thinking about using a more generale approach:
Initial (who, when, how much).
Added (who, when, how much)
Used (Taken from the current interface???, who?)
As a report on the page will be: Remaining

And a few report pages (In PDF, XML, CSV?)

Any ups and downs?


jci000 (reporter)

Last edited: 2007-05-21 05:37

Sirshurf if you want me to evaluate or try something just let me know.

If you make this as custom fields with specific names there would be a minimum to patch when it's applyed to Mantis as a add-on.



jci000 (reporter)

Remaining is needed as a field not just in reports, in the case that you were wrong when the initial estimate was made and now realize that more time is needed.

As long as reports are shown in the browser, I don't think that anything but CSV is the needed.


jotango (reporter)

Last edited: 2007-05-22 05:25

I would love a burndown chart, with % of issues left on the y-axis and days on the x-axis.

Lets say we have a set of n issues assigned to a target release. As they are sequentially closed, the line goes from 100% to 0%. This requires the target release to have a target release date.

This is a very effective tool for managing development sprints in medium-sized teams.

P.S. I would be willing to sponsor this chart if I can get an estimate of the time required.



sirshurf (reporter)


I have "added" instead of Remaining...

Remaining is just the time left... Added is the time added to a project After the initial Estimate...


sirshurf (reporter)


"This requires the target release to have a target release date."

Thats a little out of the way for the part I am planning... but I will look at it...

Maybe I will pull all Project Managment to a single Class???

I need to think about that...


jotango (reporter)

I am currently reading a lot about Scrum project management techniques. If some people are interested, and it may possible find its way into Mantis (as a module?) I could right up a spec. Interested?


jci000 (reporter)


If you use 'added' instead of 'remaining' you must allow 'added' to be negative in the case that the initial estimate was to high.

You can use the issue with the 'last in time' ETA as target release date.


I now about Scrum as well and we have started to us it. I think that what Sirshurf is making is enough to use Mantis as a Scrum tool for starters. If we don't keep this simple we'll newer get finished.


sirshurf (reporter)

Well... since going throe the code, I found that the Time Tracking is not what I thought it was I made a lots of changes in it...

you can see what its right now at:

(give me your names after you resisted and I will give you higher access)

it looks like I underestimated the mantis code, (the code reminds me something I did about 4 years back).

When I finish with this addition I will be able to continue to the time planning, it will be easier since I will have my own class by then (I am creating it now...)


jci000 (reporter)

I've joined your Mantis installation with the same user as here, please give me higher access.

When this becomes a success how can it become part of the Mantis platform ?


sirshurf (reporter)

I will need to talk to Victor.... but as right now... only this change is a big one.... and it a mast...

So I dont really see any problems with that


jci000 (reporter)

Last edited: 2007-05-24 01:59

It looks very nice.

Issue 0007990 is actually about 'Total Time' and issue 0007952 is about a label for the time in the notes. So maybe what you have already done can be committed.



sirshurf (reporter)

There are some user ability issues here I don't really like...

I don't know, I have created it as i was writing the code behind it, but I don't really think its the best way to show it...


jotango (reporter)

I registered on your mantis (Jotango) but haven't received my password validation email...


sirshurf (reporter)

it takes time...

Its a local old server (my dev server has crashed) using SMTP phpmailer to send it...

I will try and resend it...


sirshurf (reporter)

Well, I need your input about the Time piece I made...

any Ideas to improve???


jotango (reporter)

sorry still no mail


sirshurf (reporter)

Check your spam filters...

It comes from the standard email "Mantis Bug Tracker" <noreply@example.com>

I will resend you again


jci000 (reporter)

Sirshurf your time tracking look nice but I have the folowing comments :

1) Don't you thing that the 'Total Time' should be on a seperate block or in 'Add Note' under 'Time Tracking' instead of the last line in 'Note' ?

2) Could 'Total Time' be added to the 'Issue History' when time is added ?

3) If I press 'Get Time Tracking Information' for issue 2 in your test your name is in the list with 00:00 hours. Shouldn't it only be users with assigned work ?

4) Should the 'Time Tracking' list hold a total to ?


sirshurf (reporter)

Lost you completely....

Contact me on ICQ: 79536239 or skype: sirshurf

Just say who you are so I will not ignore it....


jci000 (reporter)

I've tried Skype but you don't answer.


sirshurf (reporter)

hmmm.... nothing in skype history....


jci000 (reporter)


How are things coming along ?

Are you still working on this, there isn't any new things on your mantis test page.


sirshurf (reporter)

Sorry... My dev server has crached (Hardware problem) and I Had a problem with dynu.com that went out of bussines and killed 5 of my domains (still not working)...

I am promising a finished version of time spent with reports till the end of the week... time estimation will be with it! :))



jci000 (reporter)

Hi Sirshurf,

Its nice to hear from you again, I was close to give up on this feature ;-)

Sorry about your problems, but I look forward to try your time tracking. Will it be on http://shurf.gotdns.com/mantis/ or as a patch you upload ?


jci000 (reporter)

I really need this solution now because when I return from 3 weeks of holiday I have to manage a new 1000+ hour project.

For me the perfect solution would be a release of Mantis 1.1.0a4 with this feature, and hopefully Sirshurf could benefit from my sponsorship.

Other arrangements would work as well, but please address this or set a price.


rasmusskjoldan (reporter)

Did this die completely? I would like to sponsor it too if a developer's ready...


jci000 (reporter)

At times it is very difficult to find out where Mantis is going. This is a feature that has been discussed a great deal in the forum over the years, but has never made it to Mantis core. I've been unable to get any developer interested and can't get hold of sirshurf, so yes it must have died :-(

I could still use the functionality, but have solved my immediate problem with a few custom fields and some Excel macros. This means that my demands for this functionality has increased for my full sponsorship, or I might lower the amount.


jci000 (reporter)

No one seams to be interested in a feature like this, and I've got a solution working with some custom fields and an Excel sheet.

I still find that it should be a Mantis solution and would like to participate in a solution, but I can't have a hanging sponsorship.


Ryan100 (reporter)

Is this still active -> I too would be very interested in generating burndown charts- or alternatively would love to know how to export the data into excel to generate them manually


hansj (reporter)

what will it take/cost to include the additional fields/function in 1.1.7 to enable these three fields:
(File is related to 4428)

It might be not to hard to implement this, but I would prefer to see this as a core function.

Is anyone workig on this?


squarebox (reporter)

I'm also interested in this.


ilsaul (reporter)

i'm interested in this thing. many person just talk abuot, but i want to tell my opinion.

1) one field more with time estimed.
2) the actual report of cost with new column with estimed / remaind or both.
3) a variable $g_estimed_??? for enable this

sorry if i repeat what other say.


vincent_sels (reporter)

Also very interested. Would like to contribute, but will first need to learn how to use github... -_-


dregad (developer)

You might want to check out the timecard plugin [1] written by jreese

[1] https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/timecard


AbsolutelyFreeWeb (reporter)

timecard has created a new field time spent, while the initial field becomes total time. since the initial field was time spent earlier, the billing page will show estimated billing instead of spent billing like before.

that is suitable for some but not what I expected


vincent_sels (reporter)

I'm creating my own project management plugin now: https://github.com/vincentsels/ProjectManagement

For now it contains advanced time registring functionalities and some reports. Can be configured to use customizable 'types' of work (like business and functional analysis, development, testing, deployment,...).

I'm planning on adding more 'project management' functionalities:
- add notion of 'hourly rate' and 'hours per week' for users
- display timelines of projects with versions, tickets planned for that version with their estimates, done and todo,...
- add reports that display the tickets which are most overdue, interesting numbers per user,...

Some screenshots:






AbsolutelyFreeWeb (reporter)

very nice indeed =)


vincent_sels (reporter)

Started working on the advanced roadmap page: http://grab.by/bvOT


rombert (developer)

(In reply to comment 0007945:0030817)
> Started working on the advanced roadmap page: http://grab.by/bvOT

Looks nice!


tandler (reporter)

Your plugin looks nice!

BTW: We have made an compact, aggregated view of the roadmap, so you can see all scheduled versions and the number of issues open / resolved / closed. It has some very simple way of guessing the completion date, by just adding all estimated durations (custom field of each issue), which is nevertheless somehow useful to get an idea of how well we are in time. I'll upload a screenshot in a second. We just had no time up to now to make this available.


vincent_sels (reporter)

Gave it a more mantis-like look & feel: http://grab.by/bvXx
Now going to work on grouping per resource, on a new branch.


rca (reporter)

For a simple solution to manage Estimated time effort / Elapsed time effort based on Mantis BT custom fields, please check : https://github.com/embedia/mantisbt_workload


dregad (developer)

@rca, you should consider moving your plugin to the mantisbt-plugins repository. Please send a message to jreese on the mantisbt-dev mailing list to request that.


rca (reporter)

@dregad : Thx for your proposal. I just sent a mail about it to mantisbt-dev mailing list.


atnz (reporter)

Hi, We have been playing around with burndown etc and are using the attached spreadsheet. The Focus is on Project and then a version of the Project. Essentially we agree a block of items for a given version release, assign who is doing which ones, and export the data and then run it through this spreadsheet to determine completion dates of each task based on Prority, Assigned to, working time, and hours estimate. It's a bit crude, and we'd prefer it if it was al "in" Mantis, but hopefully someone else will find it helpful.


atnz (reporter)



atnz (reporter)

Is there any plan to support something like Scrumdesk?


dregad (developer)

No. But you might be interested in checking out the Scrum plugin


atnz (reporter)

Yep that does the card thing OK, but it misses the key functionality of estimating with the burndown chart to track expected completion, depending on who is doing the tasks, and then actual burndown.


atnz (reporter)

I'd be OK to pay towards doing a burndown implementation like in the spreadsheet. How would we make that happen?


dregad (developer)

Last edited: 2015-05-16 05:09

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I'd suggest you start by opening an issue in the plugins's tracker [1] to log the feature request.

As for the implementation, I could probably do it but unfortunately I don't have much free time myself these days... So your best chance to see this in the near future would be to do it yourself ;-)

[1] https://github.com/mantisbt-plugins/scrum/issues



atnz (reporter)

Ok, have created an issue reference, but Can we add the above plugin as a project under mantis? I wasn't aware that this was available.


dregad (developer)

> Ok, have created an issue reference

Where ? I don't see it... Can you provide a link ?

> Can we add the above plugin as a project under mantis

I'm not sure what you mean by that... Bundle it with MantisBT ? We can't do that. This is a 3rd party plugin, bundling it would imply that it's supported by the MantisBT dev team but it's not.

It does not get much more official than being registered in the MantisBT plugins organization. I just added a link on our wiki as it was missing there [1].

[1] https://www.mantisbt.org/wiki/doku.php/mantisbt:mantis_plugins?&#plugins_list

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