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0006619mantisbtfeaturepublic2007-08-02 02:32
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Summary0006619: Report by email concept

As i think it must look like this:

  1. Reporter name (ID) must be email address of the reporter
  2. Reporter must recieve notification about recieving issue. Where following concepts of the specific subject will be explaned
  3. All public comments and changes must be mailed to reporter with subject specific to reported issue
  4. All answers with this specific subject must be aplied as public comments
  5. If there are dublicates of the reported issue and such relationship set, reporter must recieve all comments and changes from dublicates
  6. Comments added automaticaly by sending reminder to somebody of the email reporters must be mailed only to the reporters specifed as recievers of the reminder
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duplicate of 0001568 closedgrangeway mantisbt Abillity to send mail to mantis adding bugs and bugnotes 
related to 0006658 closedryandesign mantisbt Replying to a mantis ticket should add it as a note to that issue 
related to 0004286 closedSL-Gundam Plugin - EmailReporting Solution for reporting via E-Mail 
related to 0003320 closedgrangeway mantisbt Email ability 




2006-01-20 03:42

reporter   ~0011983

I don't understand your second sentence from 2 (the first one): 'Where following concepts of the specific subject will be explaned', but I think all except 4 is handled bij the emailnotification patch of issue 4286. It's not the default behavior, but it is possible to use the emailadres to identify the reporter and if it is not a user yet, it is automatically registered.
Your 4 (about duplicates) is not an issue of 'report by email' but a general mantis issue. I don't know how the behavior is and I don't know whether I want to automatically receive the notes of duplicate issue. It's possible to monitor the duplicate issue, so you recieve those notes as well.



2006-01-23 10:46

reporter   ~0011996

all that i wrote is related to anonymous email reports.
and i imagine that users will never know a words like mantis or bugtracker. they need only email to recieve answers from me about their problems



2006-03-24 06:17

reporter   ~0012404

Duplicate of 0001568, really.



2006-03-24 06:21

reporter   ~0012405

ryandesign, it's just a few words that was not said



2007-05-08 18:52

reporter   ~0014460

Little bit of housekeeping

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