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0005571mantisbtadministrationpublic2007-05-08 03:43
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Summary0005571: Please clarify the difference between $g_project_view_state_enum_string and $g_view_state_enum_string
DescriptionWe use private projects by default, so I went into config_inc.php and found:

    $g_project_view_state_enum_string = '10:public,50:private';
    $g_view_state_enum_string = '10:public,50:private';

I expected that when I reversed the value of $g_project_view_state_enum_string to be '50:private,10:public' I would get the desired result, but I did not. So I changed $g_view_state_enum_string

and it worked the way I wanted it to...reversing the values in the View Status drop down on the Create Project page...

My question is, what are each of these supposed to do? What does $g_project_view_state_enum_string do?
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duplicate of 0006919new Mixed up in code between project_view_status and view_status 



lifo2 (reporter)

Oups I posted something very close : bug 0006919
In fact, this is certainly a mistake, as the g_project_view_state_enum_string var is not used at all.

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